Understanding Passover - 6 CD Lecture Gift Set

Understanding Passover - 6 CD Lecture Gift Set

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DOWNLOAD - Hebrew Haggadah Reader

Laminated Seder Guide

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Laminated Seder Guide
Measurement guide for the seder, gives you all the measurements for every part of the seder, from the 4 cups to the potato to the matzah to the maror etc. Plus a convenient Seder Guide on the reverse side. Very useful well made.

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About - Laminated Seder Guide

A requirement on Passover is to eat a minimum specific amount of certain foods at the Seder. Eating less than the prescribed minimum is NOT performing the Mitzvah. Since the very first seder in Eygpt people struggled to get the measurements right, and each year was a new challenge. 

Feldheim Publishers created a beautiful, durable, long lasting laminated measuring tool, that will help you divide out the proper amounts for each of the following Seder portions: 

1. Matzoh 
2. Maror - Leaves 
3. Maror - Stalks 
4. Korech Sandwich 
5. Afikomen 

Plus a Quick Guide which includes: 
1. Liquid measurements for the Four Cups of Wine 
2. Rules for Karpas 
3. Matzoh 
4. Maror 
5. Korech 
6. Afikoman 

This important long lasting laminated Seder Chart makes a wonderful gift to anyone leading your family's Seder. 
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