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Hebrew Word Processing

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    DavkaWriter 7 Hebrew English Desk Top Publishing for Win

    DavkaWriter 7 Hebrew English Word Processor for Win
    The most advanced Hebrew/English word processor on the planet is now available in a spectacular, ALL-NEW version that's even more user-friendly and powerful! DavkaWriter Platinum provides helpful, sophisticated, easy-to-use tools incorporating the latest advances in word-processing technology. No other program can match its combination of ease of use and flexibility! Features: Yiddish support -- full entry of all Yiddish -specific Hebrew characters, including YIVO! Customizable keyboard shortcuts. Footnotes, headers and footers are easily inserted. Three hundred and eighty clip art images from the DavkaGraphics collections. Complete text of Siddur with nikkud. Bible (Tanach) with vowels (Nikud) and Cantillations/Tropes (ta'amim)! Also uncludes the Mishnayot, the full text of the Ashkenaz and Sefard Siddur, and the Rashi on Chumash, all with vowels.

    CLICK HERE DAVKAwrite Master Tearcher Add-On for Test & Puzzle Maker

    CLICK HERE DAVKAwriter for MAC 

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    DOWNLOAD - Hebrew Productivity Bundle - for MS Word

    Hebrew Productivity Bundle - for MS Word
    Complete Set of Essential Hebrew Add-ons for Microsoft Word. Now you can have it all... with the New Hebrew Productivity Bundle designed exclusively for Microsoft Word. Get these Essential Microsoft Add-ons for Hebrew Desk Top Publishing and make your life easier. To start, you get an amazing collection of 150 Hebrew Fonts that will make your documents stand out and be noticed. This Suite includes our ever popular Hebrew English Digital ClipText Library which inclides Hebrew English Siddur and Hebrew English Torah Neviem & Kisuvim. It also includes a Hebrew English Spellcheck and Yiddish Spellcheck as well. Excellent tools - will definetly make life easier and your documents letter perfect everytime.

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  3. DOWNLOAD - Hebrew Graphic Fonts - Win/Mac

    Hebrew Graphic Fonts
    34 Professionally Designed - Original Hebrew Fonts 
    If you work in any of the leading graphic programs such as; Quark - Corel - Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator even Microsoft Publisher and PowerPoint you will need these fonts to add Hebrew and type from "Right to Left". 

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  4. NEW
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    Master Teacher - Test & Puzzle Maker - on USB

    Master Teacher - Test and Word Puzzle Maker - on USB
    Great Teaching Tool - Creates Hebrew or English Word Searches & Puzzles
    Master Teacher Professional transforms your DavkaWriter Wordprocessor into a valuable tool for producing and printing original and creative puzzles, quizzes, and study sheets. Create your word list using DavkaWriter, click the Master Teacher button on the DavkaWriter toolbar, and your words become captivating word searches, challenging crossword puzzles, fun word jumbles, enjoyable matching puzzles, and original quizzes – in Hebrew or English – complete with answer sheets. Master Teacher Professional lets you customize all of your projects, set clues, puzzle size, and much more. Since it works within DavkaWriter, everything you create with it is fully editable. Truly a Teacher's Best Friend! Saves lots of time and avoids mistakes.

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    Nakdan Focus TANACH - on CD

    Nakdan Focus Dictionaries for Aramaic 
    Essential Microsoft Hebrew Solution - for Automatic Vowel Entry
    If you use Microsoft Word you know first hand what a great Word Processor it truly is. You can produce just about anything from a simple letter to a Thesis, from Class Handouts to a full blown Workbook. Truly there is no better word processor. But if you deal with Hebrew and English you need this add-on. This is an essential add-on - it will ensure your documents are (Vowel) Nikud Perfect and save you time and effort. If you ever had to type a document with Hebrew Vowels you know what a task that is - it takes forever and it is the hardest part of any Hebrew Text entry. But with this Microsoft Add-on will do it in a second - just one click per word, as fast as a Spell Checker. This is a "Must Have"!

    PLEASE NOTE: This product requires NAKDAN MODERN HEBREW to run

    NAKDAN Language Pack - ARAMAIC 20,000 words
    NAKDAN Language Pack - MISHNA 24,000 Mishnaic words
    NAKDAN Language Pack - CLASSICAL Hebrew Adds 56,000 words
    NAKDAN Language Pack - YIDDISH Adds 32,000 words

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  6. DOWNLOAD - Hebrew English Spellcheck

    Hebrew English Spellcheck for Microsoft Word
    Essential Microsoft Word Add-On for Hebrew & English
    If you use Microsoft' Word you know first hand what a great Word Processor it truly is. You can produce just about anything from a simple letter to a Thesis, from Class Handouts to a full blown Workbook. Truly there is no better word processor. But if you deal with Hebrew and English you need this add-on. This is an essential add-on - it will ensure your documents are letter perfect and save you time and effort, not to mention the embarrassment poor spelling causes.
    Compatible with Microsoft Word 2003 and higher. 

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    Touch Typing Now Hebrew English

    Touch Typing Now - Hebrew & English
    Best Rated Hebrew English Typing Tutor - Guaranteed Success!
    In today's world knowing "how to type" is critical. Typing is no longer just a needed secretarial skill; today typing is a vital skill for everyone. Be it in Hebrew or English or both together, typing is the way the world's written communication takes place. Your ability to type quickly and accurately is one of the most basic and necessary skills, and without them you are at a distinct disadvantage. Our Touch Typing Now software is a technological BREAKTHROUGH in the teaching of Touch Typing, and success is virtually guaranteed. Touch Typing Now! is the only touch typing software you will ever need. It uses the latest in multimedia technology and creative teaching lessons for English and/or Hebrew keyboard proficiency. Whether you want to simply send emails or write a whole book in Hebrew or English, having the skill of Touch Typing will speed up your productivity, increase your accuracy, and get the job done in a fraction of the time! Be smart, think ahead and order Touch Typing today. You'll be happy you did - and the days of pecking on the keyboard will be over forever!

    Please Note: Requires Internet Access for License Activation.

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    DavkaWriter 7 MAC - Hebrew English Desk Top Publishing

    DavkaWriter 7 Hebrew English Word Processor for MAC
    DavkaWriter 7 for Mac is a specially modified version of our renowned Hebrew-English word processor that brings a rich set of Hebrew word processing features - including perfect nikud and trop placement, Hebrew-English spell checker, on-screen Hebrew/English keyboard, and built-in Jewish text library - to your Macintosh.

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    Hebrew Keyboard Stickers - Red

    Keyboard Stickers - Red Hebrew Letters
    Hebrew Keyboard Stickers fit Desktop and Laptop Keyboards.
    Don't get frustrated over typing mistakes: apply your friendly non-glare stickers to keyboard in seconds. Quality first. 

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    DOWNLOAD - Auto Nikud PLUS

    DOWNLOAD - Auto Nikud Plus
    Imagine the ease of adding Nikud (VOWELS) to Hebrew text. With this stand alone program you simply open your file from any of the popular Hebrew word processors and paste into Auto Nikud. The program will AUTOMATICALLY do the work by adding vowels to the text for you. Whenever it comes across a question of how to MENAKAID it stops and offers you a choice. This amazing program will certainly save lots of man hours at the keyboard and will dramatically increase the accuracy of your texts. This is a life saver, a must have program!

    Auto-Nikud is designed to work effeciently in Modern Hebrew. With its massive 300,000+ word Nikud Dictionary it can handle Modern Hebrew very well. However if your TEXTS are using other forms of Hebrew or Yiddish you may want to add additional Nikud Language Packs to handle the words not found in Modern Hebrew.

    Below is a listing of the Language Packs.
    To Order simply click off the Language Packs you need.

    Auto Nikud Language Pack - TANACH 39,000 Bible words
    Auto Nikud Language Pack - YIDDISH 32,000 Yiddish words
    Auto Nikud Language Pack - MISHNA 24,000 Mishnaic words
    Auto Nikud Language Pack - CLASSICAL Hebrew Adds 56,000 words
    Auto Nikud Language Pack - ARAMAIC Adds 20,000 Gemara, Zohar, words

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