Word by Word - Complete Daily Hebrew Prayer Book, Siddur

Word by Word - Complete Daily Hebrew Prayer Book - on CD

Word by Word - Daily Morning Prayers

Word by Word - Daily Morning Prayers - on CD

DOWNLOAD - Word by Word - Daily Morning Prayers

Word by Word - Daily Morning Prayers
The Essential Prayer Study Tool - Daily Morning Prayer
Word by Word is the culmination of 3 years of development. Word by Word Siddur Series teaches the meaning and pronunciation of every Hebrew word in the Siddur. It teaches one word at a time, in sentence context and as a standalone word. It can advance word by word in auto mode, or you can set the pace of study to your personal preference. To further clarify the pronunciation of the Hebrew, each word is transliterated, as well as translated and finally pronounced in clear human voice with an Israeli Sephardic dialect. In addition to the Study Mode there is a Review & Testing Mode, that will help you track your progress and it will print Prayer Dictionaries for study away from the computer. To further add to this exceptional Hebrew Prayer training software we have now included over 75 full length Songs - so you can learn the tune and sing them on your own..

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About - Word by Word - Daily Morning Prayers

Word by Word Prayer Book Series divides the Hebrew Prayer Book into 24 Courses. Each component is further broken down to a sub-section where you are taught one word at a time. 
You learn the meaning of the Hebrew words in Prayer sentence context, and as a standalone Hebrew word. This will help you quickly build your Hebrew Prayer Vocabulary. After you 
learn the meaning you are taught the pronunciation in Hebrew. To further clarify the pronunciation of the Hebrew, each word is transliterated, and pronounced in clear human voice with an 
Israeli Sephardic dialect. We all know that a good foundation in Hebrew Vocabulary is essential to understanding the Hebrew Prayers. Word by Word will give you that, and more. It will 
increase your Hebrew Reading ability and comprehension. From now on, Praying will be exciting - you will be able to focus on the meaning of what you are praying and appreciate what 
you are saying. AMEN!

Features - Word by Word - Daily Morning Prayers

  • Learn at your own pace - word by word.
  • Learn the Meaning of every word.
  • Learn the Pronunciation of every word
  • Hear every word PRONOUNCED in clear Israeli Sephardic Dialect.
  • View English transliteration of each word in either Ashkenaz Dialect or Sephardic Dialect.
  • View English translation of each verse in context.
  • Every word, Transliterated and Translated in English.
  • View text in selection of large E-Z Reading Fonts with Vowels.
  • Interactive Review of each lesson + Tracking of progress.
  • Global Review and tracking of words that require further study.
  • Printout of words missed with corrections & transliteration for review away from computer.
  • Listen - Learn & Sing Along with over 70 Prayer Songs - Learn to sing them on your own!

Morning Prayer 
Hashkama, Upon getting up in morning 
Tzitzit & Tefilin, Fringes & Phylacteries 
Birkot Hashachar, Morning blessings 
Korbanot, Temple Service & Sacrifices 
Kadish Drabanan, Rabbi' s Kadish 
Psukei Dezimra, Verses of morning hymns 
Chatzi Kadish, Half Kadish 
Shema, Hear Israel 
Shmoneh Esrei, Eighteen Blessings 
Tachnun, Supplications 
Chatzi Kadish, Half Kadish 
Hotzaat Torah, Bringing out the Torah 
Uva Letzion, And will come to Zion 
Kadish Shalem, Full Kadish 
Hachnasat Torah, Returning of the Torah 
Shir Shel Yom, Psalm of the Day 
Kadish Yatom, Mourner' s Kadish 
Ein KeEloheinu, There is no one like our God 
Kadish Drabanan , Rabbi' s Kadish 
Aleinu, Closing Prayer "For us" 
Kadish Yatom, Mourner' s Kadish 
Ldavid, Psalm 27

Plus 70 Sing Along Songs that teach Traditional Tunes...

  • Adon Olam 1
  • Adon Olam 2
  • Ein Keloheinu 1
  • Ein Keloheinu 2
  • Al Naharot 1
  • Al Naharot 2
  • Shir Hamaalot Beshuv 1
  • Shir Hamaalot Beshuv 2
  • Yiru Et Hashem 1
  • Yiru Et Hashem 2
  • Yedid Nefesh 1
  • Yedid Nefesh 2
  • Ana Bekoach 1
  • Ana Bekoach 2
  • Lecha Dodi 1
  • Lecha Dodi 2
  • Veshomru 1
  • Veshomru 2
  • Vayechulu 1
  • Vayechulu 2
  • Magen Avot 1
  • Magen Avot 2
  • Shalom Aleichem 1
  • Shalom Aleichem 2
  • Eshet Chayil 1
  • Eshet Chayil 2
  • Kiddush Leil Shabat 1
  • Kiddush Leil Shabat 2
  • Kol Mekadeish 1
  • Kol Mekadeish 2
  • Menucha Vesimcha 1
  • Menucha Vesimcha 2
  • Ya Ribon 1
  • Ya Ribon 2
  • Tzur Mishelo 1
  • Tzur Mishelo 2
  • Shochein Ad 1
  • Shochein Ad 2
  • Uvemakheilot 1
  • Uvemakheilot 2
  • Hakol Yoducha 1
  • Hakol Yoducha 2
  • Anim Zmirot 1
  • Anim Zmirot 2
  • Yom Ze Mechubad 1
  • Yom Ze Mechubad 2
  • Hamavdil 1
  • Hamavdil 2
  • Hamalach 1
  • Hamalach 2
  • Amar Hashem Leyaakov 1
  • Amar Hashem Leyaakov 2Eliyahu Hanavii 1
  • Eliyahu Hanavii 2
  • Betzeit Yisrael 1
  • Betzeit Yisrael 2
  • Hallelu Avdei 1
  • Sisu Veshimchu 1
  • Sisu Veshimchu 2
  • Birchot Chanukah 1
  • Birchot Chanukah 2
  • Haneirot Hallalu 1
  • Haneirot Hallalu 2 

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