Hebrew Fonts for Microsoft Word


I have installed the fonts, and they do not type Hebrew in Microsoft Word

Please make sure you have Windows 2000 or Windows XP, and Microsoft Word 2000 or higher. Then, follow these instructions:

Windows 2000

  1. Click on Start>Settings>Control Panel>Regional Options.
  2. On the General tab check Hebrew check box.
  3. Click  OK. You may be asked to insert Windows 2000 CD.
  4. Choose to restart the computer when prompted.
  5. After computer is restarted, go to Control Panels -> Keyboards -> Language tab -> Add.
  6. Select Hebrew and click OK.
  7. Check the Enable indicator (Language tab page).
  8. Click OK.

Windows XP

  1. Click Start>Control Panel.
  2. If you are in Category view, swith to Classic view.
  3. Double click Regional and Language Options.
  4. Click on Languages tab.
  5. Check the top check box to "Install complex script and right-to-left languages".
  6. Click Apply. You may be asked to insert a Windows XP CD in order to copy the necessary Windows language files.
  7. Follow the instructions to restart the computer and after restart follow steps 1-3.
  8. Click on Advanced tab.
  9. From the drop down menu under “Choose the language to match the language of the non-unicode programs” choose Hebrew.
  10. Click Apply and OK. On the next pop-up click Yes.
  11. Follow the instructions to restart the computer and after restart follow steps 1-3.
  12. On Languages tab click Details.
  13. If you don’t have Hebrew keyboard on the list, click Add, choose Hebrew keyboard and click OK.
  14. Click OK on the Text Services dialog box.
  15. Click Details again.
  16. On the Advanced tab make sure "Disable text services" checkbox is not checked.
  17. On the Settings tab click Language Bar button and check “Show additional Language Bar icons on the taskbar”.
  18. Click OK until Regional and Language Options is closed.


To type  Hebrew with one of the fonts:

    1. Open a Word document and click on the page.
    2. On the bottom right on the taskbar switch the language to Hebrew.
    3. From the list of fonts choose one of the 150 fonts (starting with letters BN)
    4. Start typing.