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Virtual Old City Jerusalem - virtual old city jerusalem 3d
Virtual Old City Jerusalem
Full 360 Degree Panoramic Technology!
Age Level: 12-Adult
Media: CD-ROM
Version: Windows 2000/XP
Language: English

Online Price: $39.95 (List Price: $49.95)

ISBN: 1-931711-17-8

[About] | [Features] | [Images]
About - Virtual Old City Jerusalem

If you never visited Jerusalem this is a must have CD, if you are planning to visit, this will make your trip many
times more enjoyable, and if you ever visited Jerusalem, this will bring back a flood of memories...

I know I live in Jerusalem, and this is as authentic as it gets.
Over the years I've explored every corner, and every corner has its own charm and deep history.

This CD takes you there, every shaded lane and stone alley. Nothing is overlooked, and everything is explained...
and you are in complete control...

Go ahead - look up, down, behind you. Turn down that little alleyway in the marketplace, or step into that
historic synagogue. Zoom up close, or back-up to get the fuller picture...

This is not a video...

Ive seen just about every video... This is much better, It is 3D up close... This is panoramic...
Listen to the sounds of the places you visit. You can almost taste the falafel and as you mingle with the
bustling traffic at the Damascus Gate.

Didnt you ever wonder... what is going on, on the other side of the Western Wall?
Or dont you want to see whats down that cool dark alley... Well now with this CD you can.

Whats more is you can even set up your own pictures with the special HOT SHOT technology
that comes with this CD. Thats right you can even compose save or print your own pictures in full color

So go at your own pace... Discover the past... Come home to Jerusalem.

Features - Virtual Old City Jerusalem

  • Interactive 3D tour of Jerusalem...
  • Historical explanations given at all sites...
  • Ability to see everything in 360 degree panoramic vision...
  • Enter the Old City by choosing Gate or through the interactive map.
  • Authentic portrayal of each quarter in the Old City...
  • Ability to ZOOM in on any picture...
  • Compose your own photo shots...
  • Print or save any picture...
    Indispensable tool for learning about and experiencing this special place on earth, Jerusalem...

Images - Virtual Old City Jerusalem

Enter the Old City...

Choose a Location from the Interactive Map

Read the Description, Hear the Sounds

Look Around, Zoom In, You are in Control!
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