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The Jewish Watch  - Great Gift! - jewish watch hebrew calendar zmanim Jewish time watch
The Jewish Watch - Great Gift!
Hi-Tech, Full-Featured, Jewish Watch from Israel

Online Price: $79.95 (List Price: $89.95)
Special Price: $69.95

Note: Each watch comes with a One Year Warranty and Clear English instructions.

[About] | [Features]
About - The Jewish Watch - Great Gift!

The Jewish Watch has all the standard every day time-keeping features of today's quality, digital watches. In addition, The Jewish Watch can be set to display the Hebrew or Gregorian date, in your choice of the Hebrew or English language. Conversion between the two calendars is automatic.

The watch is encased in a handsome Water-Resistant, Shower Proof case, with a comfortable, quality waterproof band.

What makes The Jewish Watch unique is a sophisticated microchip,developed in Israel, which displays messages according to the Hebrew Calendar and Jewish Times. (See Features list below)

Features - The Jewish Watch - Great Gift!

The Jewish Watch Alerts you with messages during the following times:
  • The time for reciting the Shema
  • End of Morning Prayers
  • Earliest Time for Afternoon Prayers
  • Sunrise - Sunset
  • Candle lighting time on Erev Shabbat (It also rings 15 minutes in advance as a reminder)
  • The Conclusion of Shabbat
  • The beginning of each Hebrew Calendar month.
  • The Shabbat of blessing the new month.
  • A reminder to add the additions to prayer on Hanukah and Purim
  • A reminder to add the additions to prayer on Chol Hamoed
  • The count for the Omer.
  • The Torah Portion of the week (with a choice of setting for Israel or the Diaspora)

The Jewish Watch can be programmed for any location in the world. There are 20 pre-programmed cities: London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Monsey, Chicago, Baltimore, Cleveland, Denver, Lakewood, Toronto, Montreal, Manchester, Gateshead, Johannesburg, Melbourne, Zurich, Sao Paulo, Antwerp. There are an additional 10 cities within Israel, including Jerusalem.

3 special Hebrew or English messages can be programmed into the watch as reminders of a Anniversary, Birthday, or Yahrziet. The messages will scroll across the screen to remind you at the appropriate time.

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