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Sound of Psalms - Authentic Liturgy & Melody - Sounds of Psalms Prayer  Sephardic Israeli
Sound of Psalms - Authentic Liturgy & Melody
Be Inspired by Psalms - Chanted in the Ancient Melody

Online Price: $39.95 (List Price: $59.95)
Special Price: $19.95

Runtime: 5 Hours

[About] | [Features] | [Sound Files]
About - Sound of Psalms - Authentic Liturgy & Melody

Listen, Learn & Appreciate the Words and Sounds of Psalms...
From Adam to Abraham, from Moses through David to Solomon... for thousands of years...
The tunes have adapted to the various lands and places the Jews have wandered...
but the Authors words have remained the same.This CD-ROM contains the entire one hundred and fifty chapters of Psalms
in the Authentic Traditional Chant of Aleppo Syria. These Melodies & Chants have defied time and are sung around
the world at Synagogues to this very day. This CD is an ideal tool for learning the way to Chant using the traditional melodies.
Hear the words, listen to the tunes and sooner than you can imagine you will be able to Chant on your own.
The pronunciation on the CD is Sephardic Israeli. To further broaden your appreciation of Psalms, you can look at the many
excellent companion resources offered by TES. The Runtime is 5 Hours CD-ROM MP3

Features - Sound of Psalms - Authentic Liturgy & Melody

The Book of Psalms, Hebrew Tehillim, ("Praises"), is the first book of the third section of the Bible, the Ketuvim or Sacred Writings, and comprises 150 psalms.
Many of the psalms are obviously liturgical compositions. The Levites [in the Temple] sang a psalm for each day of the week and on the Sabbaths and festivals,
accompanying the song with instru­mental music.


It has long been noted that the first Psalm appears to be an introduction to the book as a whole, as Psalm 150 appears to be an epilogue. There is a concluding note at
the end of Psalms 41, 72, 89, and 106, which suggests that the book is in five separate sections. The Rabbinic Midrash [rabbinic interpretation from the period of the rabbis
of the Mishnah and the Talmud] to Psalms states that David com­posed his Psalms in five books, just as Moses wrote the five books of the Pentateuch.  In this Midrash,
and very frequently in the Rabbinic literature, David is assumed to be the author of the book of Psalms.

However in the famous Talmudic passage (Bava Batra 14b) on the authorship of the Biblical Books, it is said that David included in his book psalms written by some who preceded him.
The superscription to Psalm 90, for instance, is: "A prayer of Moses, the man of God." In fact, while seventy-two of the psalms are attributed to David, this one is attributed to Moses,
and some to other authors.  Some of the psalms are attributed to no par­ticular author and are known, in the tradition, as 'orphan psalms'. It is incorrect, therefore, to say that in the traditional
view David is the author of all the psalms in the book. Neverthe­less, the tradition still sees David as the final author of the book, although he is said to have included the works of others in his final
compo­sition.  In Samuel 2 23:1 David is described as 'the sweet singer in Israel'. The book of Psalms is recognized by the millions of worshippers worldwide, and is used up to this very day
to express the deepest emotions of their own religious heart.

In Prayer

In addition to their incorporation as part of the Jewish Prayer service, some pious Jews would recite the whole book of Psalms each week, some even each day. It is often read as a prayer for a sick person
or when other calamities threaten.  In some communities there is a custom to recite on a Yahrzeit [the anniversary of a relative's death] verses of the eightfold alphabeti­cal acrostic, Psalm 119,the initial letters of
which are those of the letters of the name of the deceased. 

There are various tunes in which the Psalms are recited. Psalms even has notes for cantillation [traditional chanting] of the Psalms. In most parts of the word these tunes have unfortunately been lost. However
this CD-ROM is an effort to preserve the ancient tune and most authoritative tune that goes back nearly 2000 years as sung by Jews of Aleppo, which incidentally was also home of the most reliable hand written
Torah Scroll known as the Aleppo Codex and now can be found in Israel's National Museum in Jerusalem.

Sound Files - Sound of Psalms - Authentic Liturgy & Melody
Sample Psalm Sound File

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