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Parsha on Parade - Numbers! - parsha on parade bemidbar bamidbar numbers
Parsha on Parade - Numbers!
Quality Educational Entertainment for the Whole Family.
Age Level: 3 & Up
Media: CD-ROM
Version: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Online Price: $39.95 (List Price: $49.95)


[About] | [Features] | [Reviews] | [Images]
About - Parsha on Parade - Numbers!

Reuven A. Stone and Menachim Z. Shimanowitz have joined forces with TES, producing a 5 part multi-media series that teaches the Parsha (weekly portion of the Torah ) in a fun and exciting way.

Colorful, interactive screens for every Parsha feature the episode, coloring pages, midrash, games and puzzles as well as roll-over action, original music, animated buttons and the voices of those zany Torah Tots.

Childen of all ages will love clicking their way through this one-of-a-kind multi-media extravaganza. Its a valuable learning tool that will bring joy and edutainment to every Jewish home and school for years to come.

Features - Parsha on Parade - Numbers!

Topics Covered include:

  • Census in the Wilderness
  • The Levites - The Legion of God
  • Theft
  • The Wayward Wife
  • Confession
  • The Nazirite
  • The Priestly Blessings
  • The Menorah
  • Pesach Offering in the Wilderness
  • Moses Invites Jethro to Join the Nation
  • The Sanhedrin
  • Moses' Uniqueness is Challenged
  • Miriam is Quarantined
  • The Command to Send Spies
  • Sabbath Desecration
  • Tzitzis
  • Korach's Rebellion
  • Gifts to the Kohanim
  • The Red Cow
  • Miriam's Death and the Lack of Water
  • Amalek Attacks
  • Balaam's Donkey Speaks
  • Phineas's Zealotry
  • Zelophehad's Daughters
  • Laws of Inheritance
  • The Request of Reuben and Gad

Program Features Include:
  • Interactive overview of each Parsha
  • Animated Characters and Original songs
  • In depth narrated story of each event in the Parsha
  • The narration uses special sound effects and voices for effect
  • Quizzes for grade levels 2-8 on each Parsha
  • The Midrash on the Parsha
  • For little tikes there are Coloring games with songs on each Parsha
  • Ten in depth quizzes for older kids on each Parsha
  • Master test on all of Exodus
  • Parsha Art on each Parsha
  • All Picture libraries are printable as well as colorable on screen

BONUS: Built in Teachers Resource Archive with everything a teacher needs to customize the Parsha learning experience in the classroom.

Images - Parsha on Parade - Numbers!

Screenshot #1

Screenshot #2

Screenshot #3
Reviews - Parsha on Parade - Numbers!

Judy Siegel - Jerusalem Post (9/1/2005) wrote:
Rating: 5 Stars out of 5

Some haredi rabbis ­ most of them Israelis ­ regard the computer and the
Internet as an unkosher, subversive influence liable to lead impressionable
Jewish children astray. Then there are those who view these as tools that
have a great potential to educate and bring Jews of all ages closer to their
heritage if used correctly. The second view is represented by this excellent
entertaining and educational program, which took 18 months to complete. It
is the first in a five-disk series that will, over the next few years, cover
the entire Pentateuch ­ no company has ever attempted this before.

With growing assimilation and intermarriage in the Diaspora, turning
children on to Jewish tradition if the Jewish people are to survive is a
major task recognized not only by the religious leadership abroad but by
secular Jewish communal organizations as well. Formal Jewish education in
day schools is most effective in promoting identity, but parents who canıt
afford this near-luxury or those not inclined to send their children to
these institutions can at least buy software for home use that grabs usersı
attention. The teaching approach of Parsha on Parade focuses on keeping the
childıs attention, and then offering games that reinforce the material

The program begins with a very catchy, original tune with these lyrics:
³Parsha on parade through the streets of Totsland..., itıs time to celebrate
­ Hurray! ­ because learning the Parsha means thinking of Hashem each
day...² Click on any of the 12 boxes representing the Torah Portion as they move
across the screen, or just enjoy the song and wait until the screen
stabilizes and shows a brown building with 12 arched windows. Pass your
mouse cursor on a window and out pops several of the diskıs imaginary
characters: Baruch McBracha (who has a Scottish drawl ­ mistakenly given as
³brawl² in the list of the cast of characters ­ who wears a top hat and a
red tuxedo); Talmi D. Torah (the ³on-the-go Torah scroll²); Simi the Siddur)
and the rest. Two rather sinister characters ­ Yetzer Hara (the evil
inclination) and his cousin Lushie Lashon Hara (evil tongue) are used
elsewhere in the disk, and are barred from the honor of introducing the
Torah portions. All the voices used for the characters, which range from
cowboy to Scottish to New York-style Yiddish accents ­ are provided by one
man named Shloimy Bluth.

There are several ways of getting into each portion: Peek at the Parsha, in
which you get a short summation; This Weekıs Episode (a longer summary); and
the whole biblical text in English only: all of these can be fully printed
out. Thereıs also a speedy search engine that finds any chapter and verse in
Genesis. The first two introductions to the portion are geared to kids who
grew up infused in American culture. For example, the ³episode² on Bereishit
begins this way: ³Iıll trade you one Big Bang for six days of Creation. Itıs
the Big-Inning, and youıve got box seats to witness the creation of our
world in the next exciting episode of Parsha on Parade.² Other phrases that
might confuse or even dismay straitlaced Israeli haredim are that ³Hashem
pulled the plus on mankind² during the great Flood or the fact that Abram
(before his named was changed to Abraham) ³tried to smuggle Sarai over the
Egyptian border into a suitcase with clothes, but he knew customs agents
would probably force him to open his suitcase.²

Each portion comes with more than a dozen games, such as identifying graphic
symbols that stand for Hebrew letters to make words and sentences from the
Pentateuch; multiple-choice tests of knowledge as the clock ticks, and more
than five dozen original drawings to be colored in using the computer or
printed out for crayons. An entire section is dedicated to teachers who need
class material.

If Torah Educational Software wants to translate the disk to Hebrew, Russian,
French, Spanish, and other languages, it will have to adapt the content to
suit the individual cultures, but the result will be welcome.

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