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Master Mishna Brura MP3 - Vol. 1 - master mishna brura mp3 files
Master Mishna Brura MP3 - Vol. 1
Every Word Clearly Explained, Each Chapter its Own MP3 File, Organized and Ready to Play

Online Price: $44.95 (List Price: $49.95)

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Master Mishna Brura MP3 - Full Set

Run Time: Approx. 85 Hours of Lecture

[About] | [Features]
About - Master Mishna Brura MP3 - Vol. 1

Master Mishna Brura MP3 - Vol. 1 - the perfect way to learn and review Mishna Brura. Every word read, every word translated into English, every word explained clearly and concisely. Each sub-chapter in its own MP3 file. Easy to find and easy to play on your computer or to copy to your MP3 player.

Topics Covered

  • Getting Up In the Morning
  • Laws of TzitTzit
  • Laws of Tefillin
  • Morning Blessings
  • Laws of Reciting Shema
  • Laws of Prayer

About The Lecturer

Rabbi Kosman learned at the Ner Yisroel Yeshiva in Baltimore for 6 years and then moved to the Slabodka Yeshiva in Bnei Brak in 1981, where he has been going strong ever since. Rabbi Kosman has recently been appointed a Rosh Yeshiva in Slabodka. The Master Daf shiurim began there at Slabodka for the English speaking crowd. In his own words, "When we saw it fulfilled a need we began to offer it to the public, and after 5 years or so we were grateful for the public response. My philosophy is we've got to learn, not waste time, and know shas."

Rabbi Kosman has authored the following seforim:

* Sefer Ahavas Tzvi on Yevamos

* Otzros Ktzos Hachoshen

* Otzros R' Akiva Eiger

In addition, Rabbi Kosman is the Maggid shiur of the Master Daf, Master Mishna, and Master Rambam audio cassette and CD-Rom series.

New projects include: The completion of Master Rambam - Master Mishna Brura - Master Yerushalmi - Master Medrash - Master Mussar - Master Zohar

Sample Audio File

Click here to hear sample file 1...
Click here to hear sample file 2...

Features - Master Mishna Brura MP3 - Vol. 1

Getting up in the morning
Getting dressed
How to Conduct oneself in the Bathroom
Washing one's hands (Negel Vasser)
Concentration on the meaning of Blessings
Laws and Explanation of "Asher Yatzar" and "Elokai Neshama"
"Asher Yatzar" during the day after relieving oneself
Putting on Tzitzis
Which garments require them
Corners of the garment
The Fringes
What makes Tzitzis posul (unsuitable)
Tzitzis on Shabbos
Tzitzis made by a non-Jew or by women; Laws of a borrowed garment
Moving the fringes from on garment to another; Laws of a torn garment
Size of garment
Who is required to wear Tzitzis
When is there a requirement to wear Tzitzis
At which stage should a Blessing be made
Buying and Selling Tzitzis
What to do with detached fringes or old garments
"Shecheyanu" on making Tzitzis
Tzitzis at a Graveyard
Various customs; Reward and Punishment
Laying Tefillin
What to do if one only has one of the pair
Location; Manner of laying
Removing Tefillin
No Blessing is made for removing Tefillin
When Tefillin may be worn
Tefillin On Shabbos and Festivals
Writing Tefillin
Repairs; Straps
Order of inserting the parshios (chapters); Two pairs
Number of lines (in the parshios)
Forming the letters
When Tefillin should be laid
Who is required to wear Tefillin
Who is acceptable to write them or buy Tefillin from him
How to take care with regard to their holiness
What to do when carrying a load
May the "shel yad" be turned into a "shel rosh"?
Tefillin on entering a bathroom
Sleeping with Tefillin is forbidden
At a graveyard or a bathhouse
Morning Blessings
Torah Blessings
Parshas Hatamid (korbonos); Special pesukim for Shabbos
Shema may be said by heart
Why we say the mishnayos of "Eizehu Mekomon"
Laws of "Pesukei Dezimra"
What do if one arrives late (until "Yishtabach")
Who is acceptable as a Shliach Tzibbur
Laws of "Yishtabach"
Laws of "Kaddish"
Congregation's responses during "Kaddish"
Laws of "Borchu" and its response
Correct time for Shema and its Blessings
First Blessing of Shema
Laws of Blessings of Shema; For which part is Kavana (concentration) compulsory
Concentration of meaning during Shema
Care in annunciation of Shema; Saying Shema audibly
Not to say Shema in a lying position
Mistakes (or losing the place) in Shema
Joining in with the congregation for Shema; Pausing in the middle
Interrupting the Shema
What to do if unsure whether said Shema
Not to interrupt the Blessings of Shema with piyuttim (liturgy)
Laws of "Pores Al Shema" (for ten people who prayed without a Minyan)

Who are exempt from Shema
Mourner and those involved in burying a deceased (exemption from Shema)
Laws of those carrying the coffin, comforting (the mourners) and accompanying (the deceased)
Laws of Shema with regard to exposed parts of the body (Part 1)
Laws of Shema with regard to exposed parts of the body (Part 2)
Reciting Shema in presence of a woman's uncovered hair or while a woman's singing is heard
Reciting Shema in presence of excrement
Reciting Shema in presence of urine
What to do if needs to relieve oneself while reciting Shema
What to do if excrement became visible reciting Shema
What to do if suffering from stomach gases
Reciting Shema in presence of excrement of a minor
Reciting Shema in presence of dry excrement
Reciting Shema in or near a bathroom
Reciting Shema in or near a bathhouse
Places in which it is forbidden to recite Shema
Keeping a distance from smelly water
What distance is necessary from a Chamber Pot
A "Baal Keri" may recite Shema
Praying at the correct time
Appropriate Location for Praying; Praying on a Journey
Girdling oneself and covering one's head for prayer
Relieving oneself (before prayer); Washing hands and other preparations for prayer
Waiting (in preparation) before praying
Facing the Land of Israel; What to do when riding (an animal) or sitting in a ship
Putting ones feet together for Shemona Esreh (prayer)
Banishing irrelevant matter from one's mind in order to concentrate (during prayer)
No yawning during prayer
Concentration during prayer
Whether a Drunkard can Pray
Preparing Festival prayers
Concentrating for the entire prayer; Praying in a foreign language
No walking in front of a worshiper during his prayer
Stomach gases and sneezing during prayer
Not to interrupt a prayer
Praying two prayers in succession
Who are exempt from praying
If in doubt whether one has prayed; Voluntary (Shemona Esreh) prayer
A missed prayer (By mistake or on purpose)
Ensuring prayer with congregation (Tefilla Betzibur)
Undue circumstances which necessitate a shorter prayer; The wayfarer's prayer (Tefillas Haderech); Prayer on entering a Beis Medrash
To recite Geula and Shemona Esre without interruption
Not to interrupt during the first and last three Blessings of Shemona Esre
Bowing during Shemona Esre
Mentioning the wind, rain and dew
"Ata Chonen" (Prayer for Intelligence)
"Refaenu" (Prayer for Health)
"Borech Aleinu" (Prayer for Livelihood)
"Hashiva" (Prayer for Return of the Almighty's Sole Sovereignty over the Jewish People)
Laws of adding Blessings to Shemona Esre
"Retzei" (Prayer for Return to Zion)

"Modim" (Thanksgiving)
Laws applicable between Shemona Esre and Yiheyu Leratzon
Bowing at the end of Shemona Esre
Laws for the Shliach Tzibbur during Shemona Esre; Laws of Amen
Laws of Kedusha
A Shliach Tzibbur who erred
The Rabbinic Modim (Thanksgiving)
Cohanim's blessing of the Congregation; What disqualifies a Cohen
At which prayers do the Cohanim Bless
Prayer said during the Cohanim's Blessing
The kedusha said in "Uva Letzion"
Laws of Borchu on Shabbos
"Vehu Rachum" prayer; Hagbeh (Showing the Torah)
Reading the Torah on Mondays and Thursdays
Who get called up to the Torah on Mondays and Thursdays
Minimum number of verses for each Aliya
Not to stop less than three verses before the end of a paragraph
Reading of the Torah and its Blessings
Interruptions during Blessing on the Torah
The "called up" and the Reader
Mistakes during the Reading; What to do when there is no one proficient in reading
Mistakes in the Torah Scroll
Skipping between parts of the Torah; Laws of the Haftara
The Translators
No Speaking during the Reading
Scrolling up the Torah Scrolls
Uncovering the Bima while the congregation is present
No leaving the Shul while the Torah Scroll is out
Building a Shul; Making it tall
Laws of the Shul's holiness
Not to tear down a Shul
Laws of building a Shul
Religious Artifacts; Candles
Going from Shul to the Beis Hamedrash
Laws of Earning one's Livelihood from a Torah Perspective
Correct Time for Eating the Meal
Washing Hands before Eating
Vessels qualified for Washing; How the Water should pass to the Hands
Waters which may or may not be used for Washing
Laws of Barrier (Chatzitza) when Washing
Raising and Rubbing Hands when Washing
No Water Available; Giving Others to Eat
Making a "Condition" when Washing
Eating after Relieving oneself
Interruption between Washing and Eating
Cutting the Bread; Who? When? Where?
On which Bread to make the Blessing
Correct Behavior during Eating
Not to Mistreat Food
What to do if one ate or drank without making a Blessing
Washing between Foods
Blessing over Wine during the Meal
Blessing of "Hatov VeHametiv" over Wine
Blessing over Bread exempts "Parperes"
Food eaten during and after the Meal
What constitutes an Interruption during the Meal
What constitutes "Hesach Hadaas" during the Meal necessitating a new Blessing
Washing after the Meal

Cup of wine used for "Grace after Meals" (Bentching)
Laws for Cup of Wine used for Bentching
Bentching at the Location of the Meal; How long after the Meal can the Bentching be recited
Bentching Audibly
Obligation of Women and Minors to Bentch
The Text of Bentching
Third Blessing; Bentching on Shabbos; Mistakes during Bentching
Fourth Blessing
Drinking the Wine after Bentching
Workers' Obligation to Bentch
"Zimun" with three or ten people
In which situations do three people constitute a Zimun
Three who ate Together and then Separated
Groups who eat in several Locations
If one ate a forbidden food item with regard to joining in the Zimun
Completing a Zimun whose numbers are short
One who did not eat with regard to answering the Zimun
Who is Qualified to Join in the Zimun
Who must stop eating to join in the Zimun
Who leads the Bentching
Blessing over Fruit
Blessing over Grown Foods
Other Blessings
Blessing over Vegetables
Mistakes and Interruptions of Fruit Blessing
Blessing after eating Fruit
Blessing after eating Fruit of the Seven Species and after Grain
Mistakes of Wine Blessing
Less than the amount of a "Kezayis"
Precedence of the Blessings
Primary exempts Secondary
If one can recite a Blessing for Another when one has already fulfilled one's Obligation (to recite the blessing)
To mention G-d  and His Kingship in every Blessing
Amen after the Blessing
Blessing over Scent
Blessing over Spices and Scented Vessels or Clothes
Blessings over Miracles
Blessing for Private Thanksgiving
"Making  Good" a Worrying Dream; Fasting
Blessing over Rain
"Hatov VeHametiv" Blessing
Blessings over a Birth, Inheritance, New House, New Vessels and New Clothing
Various Blessings (Part 1)
"Shehecheyanu" Blessing
Blessing over Blossom
Blessing over a Comet and other Natural Phenomena
Blessing over Seas, Rivers, Hills and Mountains
Blessing over Rainbow or Sun
Various Blessings (Part 2)
All One's Intentions should be for sake of Heaven
What one should refrain from doing at Mincha time
Time for Praying Mincha
Praying both Mincha Gedola and Mincha Ketana
Time Reading the Evening Shema
Blessings of Evening Shema
Evening Prayers
Fixing Times for Studying Torah at Night
Reading Shema before Going to Sleep
Tashmish Hamitta
Respectful Behavior When Relieving Oneself

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