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Judaic Bookshelf - Master Library - Judaic Bookshelf Jewish texts etexts
Judaic Bookshelf - Master Library
Powerful Digital Research and Study Resource
Age Level: 12-Adult
Version: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Online Price: $259.95 (List Price: $289.95)
Special Price: $189.95

See also:
Bar Ilan Judaic Library School & Library Edition

ISBN: 1-931711-53-4
Downloads are installed
via TES tech-support.

[About] | [Features]
About - Judaic Bookshelf - Master Library

Amazing technology puts a full Judaic Library on a single CD-ROM. Imagine the Tanach and 24 Bible Commentaries, Talmud Bavli and Commentaries as well as most key Halachic and Aggadic works including the Zohar, all instantly searchable, accessible and printable.

Even more impressive is the way you can click on a Bible verse and have all relevant commentaries jump to the screen instantly. Imagine you are studying the Talmud and you want to know what the commentators say on a certain portion, and all relevant commentaries appear at the click of your mouse.

This CD incorporates full loop HYPERTEXT TECHNOLOGY which means that your search can go as deep into the texts as you wish without having to back out and rephrase your original question. This unique technology is not available on any other digital library. This technology makes use of your computers full potential and saves hundreds of hours of research.

With over 500,000 HYPERLINKS and countless access points this CD-ROM library will put 3000 years of Judaic texts literally at your fingertips.

Program commands can either be in English or Hebrew. The text libraries are in original Hebrew. The Note taker types in English in English Windows and in Hebrew on Hebrew Windows systems. Online Help in either English or Hebrew.

Features - Judaic Bookshelf - Master Library

Summary of Texts Included: Bible & 24 Commentaries... Mishna & Commentary... 613 Mitzvah Database + links to actual Bible source for the Mistzvah... Talmud & Commentary... Global Talmud Topical Index... Hypertext Rishonim... Midrash Aggada... Midrash Halacha... Kaballa... Halacha... Mussar & Ethics... Daily Prayer... Sabbath Prayer... Holiday Prayer...
  • Concordance
  • Global Search
  • Grammatical Search
  • Root Word Search
  • Synonym Search
  • Phonetic Search
  • Concept Search
  • Power Click Search
  • Automatic syncronized scrolling of linked texts
  • Save search
  • Bible includes Nikud
  • Mishna includes Nikud
  • Siddur includes Nikud
  • Nikud is also included in many other texts on the Tanach
  • Bookmarks
  • Built-in Note Taker
  • Link Your Notes
  • E-Z Read Font
  • Gematria System
  • Unlimited Copy
  • Direct Printing

Full Text Listing:

Torah w/Nikud
Neviem w/Nikud
Kituvim w/Nikud
Onkelos w/Nikud
Yonason Ben Uziel
Targum Yonason
Perush Yonason
Targum Yerushalmi
Perush Yerusahlmi
Even Ezra
Daat Zekanim
Ohr HaChaim
Sforno w/Nikud
Kli Yakar
Toldot Aharon
Minchat Shai
Mezudat Dovid
Metzudat Zion
Sifsei Chachamim
Ikar Sifsei Chachamim
Rabbeinu Bachaya
Yalkut Shimoni Torah
Yalkut Shimoni Neviim
Yalkut Shimoni Ketuvim
Avi Ezer
Medrash Rabbah
Medrash Tanchuma
Sitrei Torah
Nedrash Hanealam
Samach Alef
Sifrei D’Zeniuta
Zohar Hashmatot
Reia Mehamina
Zohar Tosefot
Adra Zuta
Shishei Sidrei Mishna w/Nikud
R. M’Bartenura
Talmud Bavli
Rashi Al Talmud Bavli
Tosefot Al Talmud Bavli
Talmud Yerushalmi
Medrashi Halacha
Rambam w/Ravad
Tur Oruch Chaim
Tur Yora Dea
Tur Choshen Mishpat
Tur Even HaEzer
Shulchan Aruch Oruch Chaim w/Rama
Shulchan Aruch Yora Dea w/Rama
Shulchan Aruch Choshen Mishpat w/Rama
Shulchan Aruch Even HaEzer w/Rama
Mishna Brura
Biur Halacha
Shaar HaTzion
Ketzos HaChoshen
Kuntras HaSefekas
Kitzur Shulchan Aruch
Ben Ish Chai
Chaya Adam
Sefer Mitzvot Hashem Linked to Passuk
Igeret Ramban
Igeret HaGra
Igeret HaMussar
Orchos Tzadikim
Derech Eitz Chaim
Chovos Halevovos
Mesilat Yesharim
Maalot HaTorah
Kav Hayashar
Rabeinu Yona
Tomar Devorah
Ritva Al HaShas
Ritva Hadash
Shita Mekubetzet
Chidushei HaRashba
Teshuvot HaRashba
Torat HaBayit HaAruch
Mishmeret HaBayit
Bedek HaBayit
Torat HaBayit
Avodat HaKodesh
Rashba Agadot
Beit Moed
Igeret HaRashba
Sefer Minchat Kinot
Rashba Mishnayot
Rashba Pesakim
Tosefot HaRosh
Meiri Al Shas
Chidushei Ha Ramban
Yad Rama
Tosefot Rid
Index Ein Yaakov
Siddur Ashkenaz w/Nikud
Siddur Sefard w/Nikud

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