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Interactive Hanukkah Treasure Hunt - HANUKAH HANNUKAH Chanukah treasure hunt cd game software
Interactive Hanukkah Treasure Hunt
Fun for the Whole Family - Real 3D Adventure- Action Packed!
Ages: 6-12
Version: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Language: English

Online Price: $29.95 (List Price: $39.95)
Special Price: $9.95


[About] | [Features] | [Images]
About - Interactive Hanukkah Treasure Hunt

Here is a Hanukkah Game that's fun to play...
and you'll also learn a thing or two while having fun. As you play the game
you can score Bonus Points and advance levels of play by answering questions on Jewish History.

The goal of the game is to safely pilot your plane through colorful broad valleys, dark forests, towering peaks
and all sorts of obstacles and of course avoiding the enemy planes. Get home safely with the most points
and you win!

Great 3D graphics plus a lively Holiday Themed sound track keep children entertained for hours.

Features - Interactive Hanukkah Treasure Hunt

  • Educational Content
  • Multi-Levels of Play
  • Jewish Educational Content
  • Gain Points by answering Questions
  • Questions on Jewish History - Appropriate Ages 6 -12
  • 3D Graphics and Animation
  • Original Sound Track - fast paced
  • Hours of challenging educational fun

  • Images - Interactive Hanukkah Treasure Hunt

    Screen Shot 1

    Screen Shot 2

    Screen Shot 3

    Screen Shot 4

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