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Hebrew  Phonetic Transliterator - Hebrew Transliteration Hebrew to English Transliteration Transliterate Transliterator
Hebrew Phonetic Transliterator
"SH'MA YISRO-AYL." If you can say that, you can Read Hebrew !
Version: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Online Price: $159.95 (List Price: $189.95)
Special Price: $89.95


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About - Hebrew Phonetic Transliterator

Imagine, You want to read Hebrew, but you're an English Speaker and never had the opportunity to learn Hebrew... You want to read the Bible or simply Pray.
Until now you had to spend months or even years mastering the Hebrew Alphabet, Vowels and Sounds, but not now... Now with the help of Hebrew Transliterator
you can READ a Hebrew word, sentence, or full Prayer instantly.

You can even Transliterate a full Hebrew book in a matter of minutes...
This amazing program is a MUST HAVE tool.

Every Synagogue, Temple, School, Rabbi and Hebrew Teacher will benefit from this powerful automated Trasnliteration System. In fact it is so "fool proof" it can be used
by anyone with an interest in Reading Hebrew...You can create your own Prayer Sheets and within minutes you will be reading the Hebrew Prayer in the correct dialect
either Ashkenaz or Israeli Sephardic.

It will save Rabbis and Teachers thousands of man-hours of class preparation, and it also gives them the ability to export the material in HTML format for LONG DISTANCE LEARNING on the web.

The software comes complete with a Library of Digital Hebrew Books.
It includes; Two Full Prayer Books one Ashkenaz... and Sephard... with Shabbat & Holiday Sections... Five Books of Moses... All of Prophets... Five Megillot... Psalms... and Haggadah.
That is about all the text you'll ever need. The software also includes and Hebrew Virtual Keyboard and a vowel editor for further text entry and text customization if need be.

Say the of prayer you would like to READ in original Hebrew is the Mourner's Kaddish or a Shabbat Song. You simply select the Hebrew text you want from the pull down English Menus.
Paste it into the Text Entry Box and click on the Translitrator button. That's it... It takes less than one second to transliterate a full Chapter.

Now you can print it... or export it to the web as HTML. If you look at the samples below you'll see it prints in a Reader Friendly manner with alternating lines of Hebrew Text and the English transliteration. Try reading it.. you'll be amazed... it's like riding a bike for the first time with training wheels... before you know it you'll be off and reading Hebrew!

Features - Hebrew Phonetic Transliterator

  • A full blown Hebrew Language transliteration system...
  • Can Transliterate: Hebrew, Aramaic & Yiddish
  • Transliterates to: English or Russian
  • Works with Dagesh and Microsoft Word...
  • Includes a Hebrew Virtual Keyboard for Hebrew Text Entry & Vowel Editing...
  • Includes Hebrew ClipText Library with Prayer Books, Bible and Haggadah...
  • Transliterates Words, Sentences, Paragraphs even full Documents in seconds ...
  • Ideal tool for helping teach Hebrew Reading...
  • Permits creation of Transliterated Prayers directly to the web in HTML...
  • Generates Reader Friendly Prayer Documents for use in Synagogues and Schools...
  • Ability to increase Font Size of both Hebrew and English Transliteration to EASY READING SIZE.

Images - Hebrew Phonetic Transliterator

Hebrew Transliteration Ex. 1

Hebrew Transliterator Ex. 2
Reviews - Hebrew Phonetic Transliterator

JUDY SIEGEL-ITZKOVICH (3/31/2006) wrote:
Rated: ***** 5 Stars out of 5

If not studied as a child, Hebrew is a safa kasha (difficult language). It
is even more so if you want to use it not just for ordinary conversation,
but for praying and for delving into the intricacies of Jewish religious

Now TES of New York has provided new ways to use Hebrew. The first is for
those who donšt even know how to read the aleph bet and are unfamiliar with
the vowels ­ but who nevertheless want instantly to pray in Hebrew or read
the Bible or other Jewish texts while reading it in Latin letters. The
powerful automated transliterator program can turn Hebrew, Yiddish or
Aramaic into letters that English and Russian speakers can read, converting
a whole document in seconds or even a whole book in a matter of minutes.
From the start, you can choose between modern Israeli (Sephardi) or
Ashkenazi pronunciation.

The software comes complete with a clip-text library of digital Hebrew books
that includes complete Sephard and Ashkenaz prayer books, the Pentateuch,
all the Books of the Prophets, all five Megillot, the Book of Psalms and the
Passover Haggada. All of that can be transliterated, but if there is any
Hebrew-letter text you want to convert and you donšt have a Hebrew keyboard
attached to your computer, there is a Hebrew virtual keyboard and a vowel
editor in the program for further text entry and text customization. The
program works with both the Microsoft Word and Dagesh word processing

If you want to recite the mourneršs kaddish or a Shabbat song, for example,
simply select the Hebrew text you want. Paste it into the text entry box and
click on the transliterator button. Text can be shown in large fonts for
reading by visually disabled users. It can also be printed out or exported
to the Internet as HTML for long-distance teaching or studying.

Beyond home use, the program will be very helpful to Diaspora synagogues and
Hebrew schools who without it have had to laboriously transliterate Hebrew
text in Latin letters for teaching the Hebrew language and preparing
customized prayer sheets.

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