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Hebrew English Spellcheck for Microsoft Word - Hebrew Spellcheck Spell Check
Hebrew English Spellcheck for Microsoft Word
Essential Microsoft Word Add-On for Hebrew & English
Media: CD-ROM
Version: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Online Price: $49.95 (List Price: $69.95)
Special Price: $19.95


[About] | [Images]
About - Hebrew English Spellcheck for Microsoft Word

If you use Microsoft' Word you know first hand what a great Word Processor it truly is.
You can produce just about anything from a simple letter to a Thesis, from Class Handouts to a full blown Workbook. Truly there is no better word processor. But if you deal with Hebrew and English you need this add-on.
This is an essential add-on - it will ensure your documents are letter perfect and save you time and effort, not to mention the embarrassment poor spelling causes.

This Hebrew English Spellchecker can do a full page of mixed Hebrew English text in under 3 seconds - that means in a SINGLE PASS it can check BOTH languages.
The Dictionary is smart and robust and will offer you variations of misspelled words so you will get the exact word you need. In addition the Spellchecker is trainable and after being taught a word it will remember it and if you make a typo
it will be there to fix it. If you are working with Hebrew Transliterations this Training Feature is a life saver! This is one very smart spellchecker - something that you will use every day and best of all it is completely integrated with Word so
you just click the icon in Word and you Zip through the document. It is that easy - It is that smart!

Images - Hebrew English Spellcheck for Microsoft Word

Hebrew English Spellcheck for Microsoft Word

Hebrew English Spellcheck for Microsoft Word

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