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Charge2Go! (All Connectors Included!) - charge2go charge 2 go innovative cell phone charger charge to go!
Charge2Go! (All Connectors Included!)
7 Adaptors Included - Works on Most Phones - Not For iPhone & Droid

Online Price: $29.95 (List Price: $39.95)
Special Price: $9.95

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Emergency Kit - Cell Phone Power & Light

Unlimited Power Supply for Your Cell Phone...Anywhere!
Comes Complete, Including Battery - Nothing Additional to Buy!
Start Talking for up to 3 hours as soon as you plug Charge2Go into your phone!
Ships with 7 Connectors including the popular Razr so they work on any cell phone model!

[About] | [Features] | [Reviews] | [Images]
About - Charge2Go! (All Connectors Included!)

This award-winning, innovative product takes 'on the go' cell phone charging and makes it simple and sustainable. First, instead of buying wind up chargers, and disposable chargers, the concept is simple. You pop in one AA battery, hook the cable to your cell phone, and Charge2Go will convert the energy in the battery into power for your cell phone with no electrical outlet needed. Since you can find AA batteries all over the world, it's easy to throw this in a bag or in your glove compartment and charge up your cell phone or extend your talk time during an important call.

Charge2Go is the first reusable cell charger that makes sense. Take Charge2Go anywhere for up to 3 extra hours of talk time. Talk as long as you want and enjoy your mobile phone features guilt-free. No more need to cut calls short—you’ll still have power when you need it. Gain constant access to the wireless world! This product is 100% reliable, mobile and safe. It works on a regular AA battery available anywhere in the world. Start Talking as soon as you plug it into your phone! An important accessory for the whole family.

The problem of dying cell phone batteries has been addressed in the past with cumbersome and inefficient solutions. Disposable chargers and units using three or four batteries have offered less than one hour of talk time. For a fraction of the battery power, Charge2Go is able to offer far more talk and charge time, utilizing 87% battery efficiency. A rechargeable battery may also be used for maximum savings and a higher quality battery increases performance.

Features - Charge2Go! (All Connectors Included!)

HOW IT WORKS (4 Simple Steps):
1. Load a single AA battery into the Charge 2 Go™ and a small, red light will begin flashing.
2. Connect your phone-specific connector to the flashing unit.
3. Connect your phone to the connector.
4. Your phone indicates that it is charging.

For your convenience we ship each Charge 2 Go with 7 connectors.
These connectors can be attached to the virtually any cell phone.

Images - Charge2Go! (All Connectors Included!)

Metallic Black Charge2Go W/Plugs & Battery

Easy to use... Just Plug In & Talk

Start Talking - Just Plug In - No Waiting!

Cell Phone Power Wherever Life Takes You!

Charge2Go! (7Connectors Included!)
Reviews - Charge2Go! (All Connectors Included!)

Gears and Gadgets (1/4/2007) wrote:
"The base unit is very small... will easily fit in your pocket. The red LEDs flashes when it is charging the phone. There is no need to wait for the battery to charge up before using the phone... the phone is ready for use as soon as you plug it in. Nice user-centric design!...The BEST part about this charger is it uses a standard AA batteries. This is key for emergency recharging! Next time you travel, leave the bulky charger at home...bring a Charge2Go with you instead."

Consumer Electronics Show (1/15/2007) wrote:
Charge 2 Go receives the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Best of Innovations Award 2007

Letter from Florida Customer (8/1/2007) wrote:
"I purchased your product for the whole family before the hurricane season. Within the first week I was able to keep my phone going while on an important business call at the airport, and my daughter was able to call us to pick her up early from school after not having charged her phone the night before. Your product is invaluable. I will definitely tell my friends..." Joe S, Florida

DR, DW (6/27/2014) wrote:
Thanks for the replacement Charge2Go unit.
This time, the USB port fit my Samsung Galaxy perfectly, and the Galaxy, which had been running for several hours since its last charge, instantly said that it was charging.
I do not think that people understand the value of this unit. I have owned -- and thrown out -- two of the Duracel-type chargers:
1. They are clumsy and have to be charged from a wall 110v power source or from a computer. What is not well known is that computers tend to throttle power drain from a USB port, thus slowing down the charging rate.
2. There is no way determine whether the unit is charged except by plugging it into a computer or a cell phone. I found that one of my units had completely discharged when I tried to use it.
3. The US is nearly the only country which still uses 110v, so charging a unit is hard in e.g. Israel but I can find AA batteries everywhere.
Thanks for your help!

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