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Anne Frank House CD  - Anne Frank House CD Holocaust WWII
Anne Frank House CD
The Complete Story of Anne Frank - A House with a Story!
Age Level: 10-Adult
Media: CD-ROM
Version: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Online Price: $59.95 (List Price: $89.95)


[About] | [Features]
About - Anne Frank House CD

The Anne Frank House is the house on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam, where Anne Frank wrote her now world-famous diary (The Annex) during the Second World War. For this CD-ROM, the Anne Frank House was specially arranged to correspond to the way it was during Anne's period in hiding. This CD-ROM, designed for both adults and young people, gives - in clear language and using unique images and film material - a complete picture of everything involving Anne Frank, her family, the House, the Second World War, and hiding from the occupying forces.

Virtual tour
You visit the front and rear parts of the House (known in Dutch as the voorhuis and Achterhuis), and go back in time to the Second World War. For the CD-ROM, the Anne Frank House was specially laid out as it had been during the time that Anne was in hiding. It seems as if you yourself are actually in the House and, by moving the mouse, you can view all around and also move through the building. You are at the centre of a sphere and can turn 360 degrees and look upwards and downwards as well. Doors open for you and you can zoom in on all kinds of objects that you encounter. You can request supplementary information on these items.

The people
You become acquainted with the people involved in the story: Anne, her father Otto, her mother Edith, her sister Margot, and also the other people in hiding and the helpers such as Miep Gies and others. The CD-ROM tells the story of their lives during the war, and contains unique images and information: including eye-witness reports and pictures from the Frank family album.

The times
You will learn history in a unique and personal manner. What actually happened in the Second World War? What do anti-semitism and persecution mean? Why did people have to go into hiding? What are concentration camps? The facts are narrated by means of multimedia techniques involving slide shows, photographs, video fragments and spoken language. The story is told in a way that appeals to both adults and young people.

Features - Anne Frank House CD

  • The most complete and unique CD-ROM on Anne Frank, the House, and those in hiding

  • Virtual journey through the Anne Frank house as it was when Anne wrote her renowned diary

  • With unique photographs from the Frank family album

  • Includes more than 1,000 historical photos

  • Comprises more than 15 video films including the only moving pictures of Anne Frank

  • More than 300 slide shows

  • Four hours of spoken text and other audio effects and music

  • Includes an explanatory list of words and a comprehensive Help function

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