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Judaic Book Shop Guides & Gifts

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Daven Your Age - A Must Read!
A Must Read - Will Give New Meaning to your Prayers
Jews spend endless hours of their lives in prayer, yet many Jews view prayer as an obligation to strike off the schedule rather than enjoy and be uplifted by. Since we generally don t learn about prayer past grade school, we often find ourselves praying with the intellectual awareness of fifth graders and we therefore find prayers to be meaningless and empty. This book bridges that very gap connecting the mind to the heart by allowing the laws of prayer, which people know so well, to influence the experience of praying in ways that have not yet been explored.
List: $21.95 Online: $19.95 Special: $16.95
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Encyclopedia of Jewish Values
A Comprehensive reference on Jewish ethics in our times
This is a comprehensive reference book on Jewish ethics for contemporary times. The topics addressed in this work include Jewish attitudes toward homosexuality, stem cell medical procedures, the environment, Internet piracy, and more. Gleaning from the Bible and classic Jewish texts, as well as later authorities such as Maimonides, Nachmanides, Rashi, and the Code of Jewish Law, this work is accessible to readers of all backgrounds.
List: $29.95 Online: $27.95 Special: $22.95
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Medicine in the Bible and Talmud
Fascinating Research of Biblical & Talmudic Medicine
Medicine in the Bible and Talmud has become a classic in the field. This new edition of the book is a third larger than the original. A new section, entitled - Specific Foods and Life-style - has been added. This topic looks at the therapeutic use of chicken soup, the use of aphrodisiacs such as mandrakes, bloodletting, the Jewish opinion on exercise and much more. New sections have been added to other topics in the book as well. Size 9.5 x 6.2 247 pages.
List: $32.95 Online: $29.50 Special: $24.95
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How Free Will Works - By D. Lieberman Ph.D.
Will help you maximize opportunities and sidestep unnecessary hardship & heartache
Drawn from Classic Rabbinic sources, How Free Will Works explores the elegant relationship between Divine providence and free will — and illuminates the connections among themes such as: miracles, mazal, happiness, cause and effect, Heavenly decree, nature, success, tikun, self-esteem, destiny, teshuvah, prayer, mental illness, anxiety, mitzvos, emunah and bitachon, suffering, fear, pleasure, anger, and will power. This book has the endorsement of Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky Shlita.
List: $21.95 Online: $19.95 Special: $17.95
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Turn Around - by Orit Riter
Amazing How One Single Book - Can Change Your Life for the Better!
Life can be hard, sometimes, can’t it? What does Hashem (G-d) want from us? He wants our hearts. He wants us to believe in and trust Him. In short, He wants us to have emunah (faith). Emunah broadens our vision. It is accepting that He knows - and always does - what is best for us, whether we understand it or not. Living a life of emunah is an entirely different experience. An emunah life has focus, direction, meaning, and joy.
List: $29.95 Online: $27.95 Special: $19.95
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Ask the Rabbi - The Rabbi's Companion
A Must for Rabbis - Perfect Guide for Jewish Life Cycle
This newly released RABBI'S COMPANION brings all pertinent laws and liturgy for major lifecycle events together in one place and places them at your fingertips. The well-designed, comprehensive pocket-sized book written by Rabbi Zalman Goldstein, ensures no more fumbling with photocopies and searching for the right books to take along just grab it and go. Click to read more.
List: $24.95 Online: $22.95 Special: $19.95
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Uncle Yossi Library - Two Volume Gift Set
The perfect story - entertains & teaches a valuable life lesson
Two Volumes - over 50 unforgettable tales from the beloved collection of story-time with Uncle Yossi. This memorial Two Volume Edition story book celebrates the life and work of Uncle Yossi, with over 50 unforgettable tales as transcribed from his memorable story recordings. Rabbi Yosef Goldstein s unforgettable tales come alive for you and your family all over again. Click to read more.
List: $36.95 Online: $32.95 Special: $28.95
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My Favorite Jewish Bed Time Stories - Large Format
The perfect bedtime treat before a night of happy dreams
This delightful collection of Classic Tales and parables drawn from Jewish lore and tradition will entertain all ages, while teaching universal ethics and morals. It is the perfect bedtime treat before a night of meaningful dreams. With over 85 beautiful illustrations, this enchanting storybook will be read over and over again, making a lovely gift for every family, including yours! Big format 120 7x10 Hard Cover. Click for more.
List: $24.95 Online: $19.95 Special: $16.95
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Book of Our Heritage - 3 Volume Set
The Laws, Customs, and Reasons for the Jewish Holidays.
This is a must have set for every Jewish Home, Library or School. Take a fascinating journey through the Jewish year - month by glorious month - where festivals, special days, history, Jewish laws, practices, and customs - all come together, in one magnificent, 3-volume work. Along the way, you'll meet the outstanding personalities and relive the momentous events that give each month its distinctive character.
List: $54.95 Online: $49.95 Special: $44.95
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Mazal Tov - Memories to Record
The ideal Baby Gift - Record all those precious memories
When your memories are important... Like a bound treasure chest, Mazal Tov beautifully and conveniently stores your child s memorable firsts. With a pertinent biblical quotation written in Hebrew and English on each page, Mazal Tov is a confirmation of Judaism, tradition and Israel. Individual pages begin with, I was born on... My first haircut... Our family tree... My marriage and more. Rebecca Shore the Author and Artist has a permanent collection of posters at the Jewish Museum in New York and the Skirball and Simon Weisenthal Museums in Los Angeles and I am sure you will appreciate her tasteful graphics. Makes and ideal Baby Gift… 32 pages / Size 10.4 x 8.1 x 0.3 inches.
List: $19.95 Online: $16.95 Special: $12.95
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Reference Guide to the Talmud - Rabbi Steinsaltz
An indispensable resource for students of all levels
Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz’s Reference Guide to the Talmud is the original Talmud study aid. An indispensable resource for students of all levels, this fully revised, English-language edition of the Reference Guide clearly and concisely explains the Talmud’s fundamental structure, concepts, terminology, assumptions, and inner logic; provides essential historical and biographical information; and includes appendixes, a key to abbreviations, and a comprehensive index. For improved usability, this completely updated volume has a number of new features: topical organization instead of by Hebrew alphabet, re-edited and revised text to coordinate with the language used in the Koren Talmud Bavli, an index of Hebrew terms to enable one seeking a Hebrew term to locate the relevant entry. An excellent companion for anyone studying any edition of the Talmud. You will find yourself turning to this fine resource for clarity all the time.
List: $54.95 Online: $52.95 Special: $39.95
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A Historical Tour of the Holy Land
I dont know of another Guide that comes close - Amazing
Beryl Ratzer a sought after Tour Guide in Israel brings Israel into your home… His 160 page Guide covers everything. From Biblical personalities, Greeks, Canaanites, Israelites, Romans, Christians, Muslims, Crusaders, you will meet them all in this lively guidebook, as you tour from event to event in the history of this small piece of land, wedged between Egypt and the Fertile Crescent. Guide and your teacher Beryl Ratzer covers this history worn land chronologically from the book of Genesis all the way to current events and Operation Cast Lead in Gaza. A practical blend of history, religion, and guiding tips, this is a book to refer to again and again. Makes a great addition to your library.
List: $19.95 Online: $17.95
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Beyond a Reasonable Doubt - Special Edition
The Perfect Book for Thinking People - Ideal Gift
Do you have questions - most of us have. The problem is there are very few people to ask... Or at least we feel that way - and we bottle ourselves up and go on wondering - never really ever sure if the path we are on is correct. If that sounds like something familiar then this book is for you. In fact this book is so good I would suggest it as a must read for anyone Jewish. The proofs that Rabbi Waldman brings are phenomenal. He knows how to bring what is necessary, a little more, but not too much so as to seem excessive. An excellent work. An intelligent person should see what there is to see with this book. This book is a Special Edition and is a newly adapted edition of the original work, tailored to meet the needs of Beginners to Judaism. This volume contains website references and an added appendix on the origins of Christianity and Islam – it aims to give you a complete picture.
List: $16.99 Online: $15.95 Special: $14.95
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People of the Book - Coffee Table Edition
The Pictorial History of 500 Years of Jewish Publishing
What a fabulous book. If you love books and appreciate what the invention of the Printing Press did for the spread of knowledge, you will cherish this book. It documents the History of Jewish Publishing and the effect it had on Jewish History. The invention of the printing press created a revolution for Jews everywhere. Who could imagine at that time the extraordinary benefits that printing would bring to world Jewry? “People of the Book” vividly describes the invention itself, and then takes us through five hundred years of Hebrew printing, from the earliest publications of fifteenth-century printers to those of modern times. Author and teacher Akiva Aaronson introduces us to the first printed editions of the classics: Talmud, Rambam, Arba’ah Turim, Shulchan Aruch, and many more. Meet the famous Hebrew printers of previous generations and learn their stories; Soncino, Bomber, Romm, Heidenheim, Bak and others. Visit the Jewish communities where Hebrew printing took place, from its earliest days until the present: Venice, Salonika, Prague, Amsterdam, Warsaw and Vilna, to name a few. Weaving lively text with over 200 magnificent, full-color photographs of original Hebrew volumes, “People of the Book” is truly a journey through time- Jewish time- over five centuries of Hebrew printing. Follow its odyssey, from persecution and censorship to survival and triumph, set against the phenomenal history of the times in this beautiful coffee-table edition makes a wonderful edition to your library and a much appreciated gift.
List: $49.95 Online: $44.95 Special: $39.95
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English Yiddish Language Handbook
Handy Size - Packed with Words & Phrases - "Ah Metziah"
Whether you are just starting to learn Yiddish, or are seeking a quick refresher, this Gandy Pocket Sized English-Yiddish Handbook, is a great place to start.
List: $14.95 Online: $13.95 Special: $12.95
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The Simcha Handbook - Practical Guide
A Must have - for any Jewish Occassion - Tells you what to say - What to do!
Here is a Gem of a Guide… This well written, practical and convenient guide will give you direction and help you organize a meaningful Authentic Jewish Celebration. Whether you are celebrating a Birth, Baby Naming, Brit Milah, Pidyon Haben, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Weddings, Sheva Berachot, a Siyum, Hachnasat Sefer Torah, and much more. It also includes a selection of prayers and supplications for many of these events. The Simchah Handbook provides a quick and easy reference that is sure to help everyone practice appropriate decorum and uncompromising Halachic observance - all with maximum joy! This makes an ideal gift… 250 Pages Size 7 x 5.5” Hard Cover
List: $27.95 Online: $24.95 Special: $19.95
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Gutnick Chumash - All Five Books
Explore Your Roots in the Bible - All Five Books
This magnificent Single Volume Edition of the Five Books of The Torah translated and explained in English. Plus it includes Rashi's Commentaries, Targum Onkelos and Haftorot, as well as commentary by the Lubavitcher Rebbe. This definitely belongs both in every home. Anyone who loves the Bible and is ever searching to learn the foundations of G-d's Universe will appreciate the Bible Resource. Hard Cover 1562 pages.
List: $94.95 Online: $89.95
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What the Angel Taught You - Seven Keys to Life
How to improve your Life and Enjoy it more...
Have you ever asked, "What does God really want from me?" In their ground-breaking book, "What the Angel Taught You; Seven Keys to Life Fulfillment," two world-renowned educators collaborate to ask and answer some of the most compelling questions we all seem to have. What does God really want from me? What is the highest class of pleasure in this world? How do I get my prayers answered? How do I know if my decisions are right? What is the definition of love? Are there any absolute truths on Earth? How does free will bring me happiness? Why was Man created? This Book has the capacity to really make a difference in your life.
List: $24.95 Online: $21.95 Special: $9.95
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We Are Not Alone - Coffee Table Format
Fascinating Book - A Must Have for your Bible Library
How was the universe created? How did life begin and what is its purpose? Scientists and spiritual leaders invest the greater portion of their lives in solving the mystery that clouds the universe, trying to find an answer to these questions. A thorough examination of the universe reveals the fingerprints that hint at a possible solution, and give us hope that we can comprehend its essence and purpose. In We Are Not Alone, the attempt is made to answer this riddle by interweaving the latest scientific findings together with ancient documents and writings, passed down through the Millennia from father to son within the Jewish People. Hard Cover - Coffee Table Format Size 8.5 x 11 - 320 pages.
List: $59.95 Online: $57.95 Special: $39.95
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Coming Revolution - Science Discovers Bible Truths
I read this book cover to cover - Fantastic - I'm still shaking from it!
Science Discovers the Truths of the Bible! The Revolution is underway! It has become increasingly clear that countless scientific discoveries of our time have been known to the Jewish people for millennia - from the time of the Bible itself! Many of our leading scientists are astonished to find that the Torah - the body of Jewish wisdom including the Bible, Prophets, and later Writings- describes secrets of nature with remarkable precision, which modern science and its technological advances have only recently discovered. With the enthusiastic participation of scientist from around the world, Zamir Cohen, leading Israeli lecturer on the topics of Judaism , modern culture and science, presents an enthralling volume containing dozens of examples of this ongoing revolution, and including over a hundred rare, original photographs.
List: $59.95 Online: $57.95 Special: $49.95
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The Jewish Fact Finder - Updated Version
Quick Reference Guide on Everything Jewish - Must Have!
This book could be the Best Book you ever buy on All things Jewish... Need a Fact - just look it up. Quick Easy you will find "Bite-sized" Judaism for everyone! Important Jewish facts and information, organized for quick reference and study. 5,000 Years of Jewish History, Genealogy, Blessings, Timelines over 70 lists of hard to find Jewish Facts - it's all here and easy to find! Large Format 120 Pages.
List: $17.95 Online: $15.95 Special: $12.95
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Award Winning - Going Kosher In 30 Days!
Kosher is in. And going kosher has just become easier than ever before! “GOING KOSHER IN 30 DAYS” will teach the simply curious and those seriously considering going kosher all the whys and hows of kosher. Over eleven million people will buy kosher food this year, and the numbers are growing. Today, more than 100,000 food products are kosher certified, with the average supermarket carrying nearly 25,000 kosher items. Learn what others have discovered. Keeping kosher is an extraordinary experience with countless physical and spiritual rewards. Set your own pace, advancing through “GOING KOSHER IN 30 DAYS!” one day at a time. You’ll learn everything you need to know, from the early origins of kosher law, to how to bring kosher practice into your daily life. This book contains everything you need to launch your own personal path to kosher observance. Begin “GOING KOSHER IN 30 DAYS!” today and live kosher with greater understanding and deeper satisfaction.
List: $24.95 Online: $22.95 Special: $14.95
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The Original Jewish Book of Why
Among the best Jewish books ever published! A Must Have!
This is a wonderful book to own or give as a gift. It contains a thoughtful array of Jewish traditions, some significant and some trivial, but all heart-warming and colorful. The Double Jewish Book of Why is among the best Jewish books ever published. The books give insight to Jewish customs like marriage, birth, divorce, holidays, and a lot of Jewish history. Whether reading the book or just leaving it on the coffee table to peruse through, The Jewish Books of Why will be great gift for a Jew or a person that is interested in Judaism. It's an easy book to read from cover to cover, but it is written in a way that encourages the reader to flip it open to any page and enjoy for a few minutes.
List: $39.95 Online: $34.95
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Friday Evening Synagogue Companion
A life-saver in the synagogue!
The Entire Friday Night Prayer Service Transliterated. This best-selling all-in-one guide includes the COMPLETE Friday evening service, along with easy-to-read English transliterations, clear instructions, and a concise overview of Shabbat and prayer. This plain language guide will enable you to pray and sing along with ease, and help you comprehend the services at a higher level. Ideal for beginners and regulars alike, get a copy for each of your family members and friends! A life-saver in the synagogue! This is the new edition of our popular "KABBALAT SHABBAT SYNAGOGUE COMPANION." Pages numbers and content remain the same, with some corrections and overall improvements made. Know what’s going on throughout the services. Includes complete transliterations of the Friday night Shabbat prayer service. Explains the meaning and history of each prayer. Perfect for individuals, beginner congregations, etc.
List: $19.95 Online: $14.95
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The Complete Shabbat Synagogue Companion Bundle
Quickly Learn & Understand the Prayers and Songs of the Shabbat Services!
Get the Bundle... it will be a Great Help at the Synagogue! Understand the prayers and have a helping hand guide you "step by step" throughout the Shabbat prayer services. Wouldn't it feel great to be able to participate more fully in the Synagogue Shabbat services? Well now you can! With easy-to-read explanations and clear instructions, this guide to the prayer services of both Friday evening and Shabbat morning maps each prayer and explains its origin, meaning, and historical significance, and includes English transliterations of key prayers for those who don't read Hebrew but want to read or sing along. Also included are instructions for common synagogue honors such as opening the Ark or being called to the Torah. Makes for a more informed, educated experience next time you are in the synagogue. And with this BUNDLE you will aslo get a fantastic CD-ROM so you can... Sing along in the synagogue! Learn the basic songs and prayers of the Shabbat services, so you can join and sing along with ease. Includes 27 of the most popular tunes and prayers from Friday night and Shabbat day davening in a typical synagogue. Great as an educational tool or for simply enjoying the inspiring prayers and songs of the Shabbat services. Ideal for beginners and regulars alike, get a copy for each of your family members and friends!
List: $34.95 Online: $29.95 Special: $19.95
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The Complete Shabbat Table Companion Bundle
Help Bring the Full Shabbat Experience to Your Home...
Get Both for one low price... Get this new "10th Anniversary Edition" of the popular book will help bring the full Shabbat experience to life in your home! With clear instructions and English transliterations of all Hebrew blessings and prayers (Kiddush, Havdallah, Grace After Meals), this book is a complete guide to creating a Shabbat atmosphere in the home. Ideal for beginners and pros alike, get a copy for each of your family members, guests and friends! Plus the CD-ROM... Learn the traditional Shabbat songs and prayers for the meals and create a real Shabbat atmosphere in your home. Become familiar with the songs of Sholom Aleichem, chanting the Kiddush, and the full Grace After Meals, as they are clearly read and sung aloud. Also includes Shalosh Seudos (the third meal), and Havdallah (the Shabbat concluding ceremony). Great as an educational tool or for simply enjoying the inspiring prayers and songs of around the Shabbat table at home.
List: $34.95 Online: $29.95 Special: $19.95
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Junior congregation Companion Guide
Finally Something for the Children in the Synagogue!
This book will help bring the Shabbat synagogue experience to life for children of all ages! With large, clear Hebrew type of all the basic Shabbat prayers, alongside large, easy-to-read English transliterations, plus simplified English translations and explanations, boys and girls will now be able to participate in the prayer services like never before. This companion will fit perfectly on the shelf in your synagogue and is sure to be a hit in any community! Get a copy for your own children and for your Shul!
List: $14.95 Online: $12.95
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Jewish Wedding Companion Guide
A Source of Practical Guidance on Jewish Wedding Customs
An Elegant Solution to Photocopied Pamphlets for You and Your Guests Share the joy and meaning of a traditional Jewish wedding with your guests! The Jewish Wedding Companion takes you from the engagement through the entire wedding with clear instructions, explanations, and directions. It also includes all relevant prayers, liturgy, and blessings. Great for newly engaged couples, parents, and anyone interested in understanding the varied customs and traditions associated with a Jewish wedding. Also makes a special memento for all your wedding guests.
List: $14.95 Online: $12.95
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Double Jewish Book of Why - Gift Set
Among the best Jewish books ever published! A Must Have!
This is a wonderful gift set of books to own or give as a gift. It contains a thoughtful array of Jewish traditions, some significant and some trivial, but all heart-warming and colorful. The Double Jewish Book of Why is among the best Jewish books ever published. The books give insight to Jewish customs like marriage, birth, divorce, holidays, and a lot of Jewish history. Whether reading the book or just leaving it on the coffee table to peruse through, The Jewish Books of Why will be great gift for a Jew or a person that is interested in Judaism. It's an easy book to read from cover to cover, but it is written in a way that encourages the reader to flip it open to any page and enjoy for a few minutes.
List: $59.95 Online: $54.95
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Brit Mila Circumcision Guide
The Laws Prayers & Customs of Brit Mila - Explained in English
The ultimate guide for new parents or parents-to-be. Perfect for anyone interested in learning more about the mitzvah of Bris Milah - Ritual Circumcision. This all-in-one guide includes everything you need to know, plus all relevant prayers and blessings. Great for expectant parents, new parents, and as a special memento for your guests at the Bris ceremony.
List: $14.95 Online: $12.95
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Jewish Mourner's Companion
A Source of Comfort and Practical Guidance
A Source of Comfort and Practical Guidance. A must for funerals and Shiva homes. • NEW ALL-IN-ONE GUIDE FOR MOURNERS AND RABBIS • INCLUDES COMPLETE DIRECTIONS, LITURGY, SUPPORT • PLUS MINCHA AND MAARIV! All liturgy FULLY TRANSLITERATED in English, including the complete "MINCHA" and "MAARIV" services for the Shiva home!
List: $16.95 Online: $14.95
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Jewish Knowledge Library Bundle
A Source of Practical Guidance in Jewish Life & Customs
Get the whole Library for one low price. The Jewish Knowledge Library comes complete with the following titles: Shabbat Table Companion... The Shabbat Synagogue Companion...The Kabbalat Shabbat Synagogue Companion and The Junior Congregation Synagogue Companion. Plus everything you need for the HOLIDAYS... The High Holiday Synagogue Companion and The Passover Seder Table Companion. And for a wealth of information on the Jewish LIFE-CYCLE EVENTS you have The Bris Milah Companion, plus The Jewish Wedding Companion and one should never need it but if one does this is a life saver... The Jewish Mourner's Companion. This is the most practical and useful set of books you'll ever own! Nusach Ari.
List: $134.95 Online: $119.95 Special: $89.95
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Encyclopedia of Jewish Humor
Humor is wonderful - We can all use it... How's your Funny Bone?
This is a wonderful book to own or give as a gift. It contains a thoughtful array of Jewish Humor, some with a lesson and some trivial, but all heart-warming and colorful. Whether reading the book or just leaving it on the coffee table to peruse through, The Jewish Encyclopedia of Humor will be great gift. It's an easy book to read from cover to cover, and it is written in a way that encourages the reader to flip it open to any page and enjoy for a few minutes a real old fashioned Jewish Humor. Big Format 9.3 x 6.4 x 1.6 inches 480 pages SC
List: $29.95 Online: $24.95
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Mamma Used to Say ... in Yiddish
Learning Yiddish - Translated - Transliterated - Easy to Learn!
A treasure-trove of golden sayings and pearls of wisdom, mined from the righteous women of yesteryear and carefully passed down through the generations in exquisite Yiddish. You need not know Hebrew to read this book or learn the phrases. Everything is transliterated and easy to understand. Now available in a faithful English translation with the original Yiddish included, along with source material, metaphorical meaning, and relevant tales and anecdotes to illustrate the sayings. In reading this collection of expressions, some will make you laugh, others will bring on the tears, yet others will cause you to reflect, but the overall effect is an endearing, remarkable one. Breathe in the sparkling air of the "alter heim"--the Old World--and find in it the refreshing insight that is so needed in the world of today. Great gift to anyone learning Yiddish!
List: $34.95 Online: $29.95 Special: $24.95
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Jewish Holy Sites - Coffee Table Size
Hard Cover - Full Color Masterpiece - Holy Sites of Israel
This handsome volume contains the wonderful story of the Jewish holy sites thoughout Israel, sketching the lives of important figures throughout the ages: our Biblical ancestors, the prophets, kings, Talmudic Tannaim and Amoraim, and scholars from later centuries.
List: $99.95 Online: $89.95 Special: $49.95
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The Wine Route of Israel - Coffee Table Size
Hard Cover - Full Color Masterpiece - Everything About Israeli Wine
The Wine Route of Israel provides its readers with a panoramic and comprehensive overview of Israel's wineries, wine history over generations, growing regions and vineyards. Filled with hundreds of lush and intriguing photographs, this book is a delight for the wine connoisseur, novice, or anyone interested in the beauty of Israel.
List: $99.95 Online: $89.95
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Twenty Four Hours - In The IDF
An Emotional Story - 205 Pages - Pictures Record Their Courage & Dedication
24 Hours in the IDF is an in depth look at the Israeli armed forces. Colored pictorial, 206 pages. A day in the life of the IDF. Every day army routines. it depicts the army at eye level - even if that eye level is sometimes above the clouds at ultrasonic speed.
List: $79.95 Online: $69.95 Special: $49.95
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