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FREE Try it... NEW Jerusalem Dictionary III
English-Hebrew Dictionary, Quick Click Translator, and Verb Conjugator - Plus Much More!
From the main screen, the power of the product is readily apparent. You can spell-check and translate a word, browse the bilingual dictionary, cross-check a translation, view tense, gender, root and more. As a standalone program, simply type in a word and its translations appear. The word can be typed in English and have the translation in Hebrew or vice versa. When run in background mode, you highlight a word (English or Hebrew) in your word processor, Internet or anywhere else, press the hotkey or middle mouse button and the Jerusalem Dictionary window appears with the word already entered into the input box with its translations displayed. You can also do the same with an entire sentence or two, instead of just a single word, in which case a window appears with the full text translation!Just a wonderful Must Have Hebrew English Translation Solution.

Order CD - Standard S&H APPLY


List: $89.95 Online: $0.00
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Milestones in Jewish Philosophy Kit
1,000 Years of Jewish Philosophy
Milestones in Jewish Philosophy, based on a lecture series by Rabbi Yaacov Haber, presents a fascinating perspective on Judaism's intellectual journey through the past thousand years. It describes how the teachings of great Jewish thinkers characterize the periods from which they emerged, and how they contributed to a maturing sense of Judaism from era to era. This unique integration of philosophy and history provides a broad context for discussing the issues relevant to contemporary Jewish thought.
List: $89.95 Online: $79.95 Special: $59.95
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Second Temple - 3D Experience
New Version - A Special Learning Experience - Outstanding
This DVD will transport you back in time. It’s like having a personal Guided Tour of the Second Temple. The Developers combined spectacular graphics - detailed explanations and a beautiful sound track to make this DVD Educational and Spiritual all at once. You will guided throughout the Temple. You’ll visit it’s courtyards and chambers and along the way you will learn about the various functions of each area. You will also learn about the Temple Tools, Musical Instruments and other Artifacts. This is an ideal tool for Temple Study – Narration in English. This DVD is Bundled with a Bonus Brochure - Reference Guide to the Temple with KEY explanations of the various Temple areas… this is a must have Temple Study Resource. Run Time 75 minutes.

Second Temple Trailer click here.

List: $54.95 Online: $49.95 Special: $39.95
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NEW Wolfson Talmud - Master Daf Bava Metzia
New Technology for Talmud Study and Review
An interactive multimedia tool for Talmud study. Narrates and Explains word by word in concise English. Increases your Talmud comprehension… Develops serious learning skills… Builds the students confidence.. Inspires a lifelong love for the Talmud…

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List: $39.95 Online: $29.95
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A GUARANTEED SOLUTION for Talmud/Gemara Vocabulary
The challenge of playing against the computer encourages the students to excel. Through this game the user will end up with a solid foundation of Gemara vocabulary that will last a lifetime.

Item # 800031881

List: $49.95 Online: $39.95
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NEW Wolfson Talmud - Master Daf Bava Kama
New Technology for Talmud Study and Review
An interactive multimedia tool for Talmud study. Narrates and Explains word by word in concise English. Increases your Talmud comprehension… Develops serious learning skills… Builds the students confidence.. Inspires a lifelong love for the Talmud…

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List: $39.95 Online: $29.95
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Word by Word Aramaic / English Dictionary
Talmud Study & Research English Translation Tool
Finally... a software program that improves the way you study Talmud. It used to be that if you did not know the meaning of a Talmudic or Aramaic word, you would turn to your Jastrow Dictionary and eventually find the meaning. Of course that was provided you knew the root of the word and where to look. The Jastrow which is the flagship of Talmudic Aramaic Dictionaries is thousands of pages and anyone who ever used one, will appreciate Word by Word Aramaic Dictionary. Now with Word by Word Aramaic Dictionary, you have instant access to 166,895 words and definitions in Aramaic or English. Word by Word Aramaic Dictionary translates Aramaic and Talmudic words to English and vice versa. When there are multiple meanings of a word, it will show them as well. The entire Jastrow Dictionary is instantly available in electronic format. Thousands of pages are instantly accessible and printable. When checking the included dictionary you will learn the meaning of the word, its proper form and root, and example of the word used in context...
List: $139.95 Online: $119.95 Special: $89.95
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NEW Master Aramaic English Text Translator
Single Word - Sentence and Full Document Bi-Directional Translating System
Imagine, You want to translate an Aramaic text book, paragraph or sentence or just a simple word into English or an English book, paragraph or sentence into Aramaic... This amazing program is your FIRST CHOICE. It will save thousands of man-hours, and also give you the ability to express yourself better by taking advantage of the on-line language tools built right into the program. HOW IT WORKS... Simply copy any text from the internet, Dagesh Davkawriter, Microsoft Word... it works with most premium wordprocessors and it even works with PDFs... Then Paste it into this program... The program will instantly translate the document from Aramaic to English or English to Aramaic. The program can handle all types of documents and manuscripts. Is an ideal tool for studying Onkelos or Talmud. Just let the students type anything in English and it will translate to Aramaic. The software was tested on Onkelos Text and it does an amazing job... Easy to install and use, this program will be one of your favorites!
List: $129.95 Online: $119.95 Special: $89.95
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DoroTree - Jewish Family Tree Maker
Revolutionary new program for Jewish genealogists!
NEW VERSION! 3.1 Fully featured, multilingual genealogy program. Many people dedicate years building their Family Tree. Even if they use the latest software it is a big undertaking. However that is not so when it comes to Doro Tree. Doro Tree was developed in Israel and saves you with a few clicks of your mouse hundreds of hours of work and research. You can add all your pictures and documentation so that you final product will be a Family Tree that you can present with pride to your family.

Item # 800031288
Vendor# TOR001000
Contract# R105101

List: $129.95 Online: $119.95
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Artscroll Stone Chumash Plus Concordance
Best Selling Stone Chumash - Now on CD-ROM!
The best Torah program you can buy! Entire 5 books in original Hebrew and translated English, with hypertext commentaries. Includes HafTorahs and 5 Megillas. Everything Translated - Everything explained in English. Everything is Searchable Printable and Editable... Makes a perfect Torah Study companion.
List: $119.95 Online: $89.95 Special: $69.95
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Daat Mikra BIBLE ATLAS - Large Format
A Comprehensive Guide to Biblical Geography and History
This Atlas represent the best Bible Scholar research by Israeli Researchers into the ancient Near and Middle East and has uncovered much lost information about the history and annals of the lands of the Bible. The languages of ancient nations -- Akkadian, Egyptian, Hittite, Hurrian, Canaanite, Ugaritic -- have been retrieved, along with their writing systems, making ancient archives accessible once again. These vast treasuries of documents and texts cast a clear light on many persons and events that are relevant to the Bible. To these we can add the finds of recent archaeological excavations, some of which make major contributions to our knowledge of the biblical age – this volume will make clear many aspects of the Bible and illuminate many hard to understand subjects. A Scholarly effort has been made in the Daat Mikra Bible Atlas to describe the sites and historical settings of the events recounted by the Bible. The Atlas presents readers with the events of the Biblical Age, a clear map of the geographical background for each Biblical episode, and a short text explicating the circumstances. The sequence of events, together with the maps and explanatory texts, creates a synopsis of biblical history. This is one of those “Must Have” books for every Bible Library. Large format, Hard Cover, full color Maps, Charts, Photos and Illustrations. Easy to understand and complete with up to date findings. This Bible Atlas makes a wonderful gift. Coffee Table Size - 336 pages. Published by Mosad HaRav Kook – Jerusalem Israel
List: $89.95 Online: $79.95 Special: $59.95
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Mikraot Gedolot - 4 Volume Gift Set - Translated
4 Volume Set - Rabbeinu Chananel, Rash’bam, R’dak, and S'forno
Four classic Commentatators on the Torah - now translated in English. Rabbi Eliyahu Munk has once again produced a Torah work that offers inestimable value. In four elegant volumes, he has translated the complete commentaries of four Great Scholars renowned for their incisive remarks on the meaning of the Torah. This belongs in every Bible Library.
List: $159.95 Online: $139.95 Special: $99.95
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I Didn't Know That
Full of information - Makes for Excellent Table Conversation
Join Joe Bobker in his humorous adventure through Torah and Talmud, History and Halacha, Law and Lore, and much more. This large enjoyable volume on Jewish practice and law serves, in the author’s words, as an envelope to be opened from time to time in order to learn something new. Packed with nuggets of information, this wonderful tome is a relaxing way to learn about the serious business of being Jewish.
List: $14.95 Online: $13.95 Special: $9.95
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People of the Book - Coffee Table Edition
The Pictorial History of 500 Years of Jewish Publishing
What a fabulous book. If you love books and appreciate what the invention of the Printing Press did for the spread of knowledge, you will cherish this book. It documents the History of Jewish Publishing and the effect it had on Jewish History. The invention of the printing press created a revolution for Jews everywhere. Who could imagine at that time the extraordinary benefits that printing would bring to world Jewry? “People of the Book” vividly describes the invention itself, and then takes us through five hundred years of Hebrew printing, from the earliest publications of fifteenth-century printers to those of modern times. Author and teacher Akiva Aaronson introduces us to the first printed editions of the classics: Talmud, Rambam, Arba’ah Turim, Shulchan Aruch, and many more. Meet the famous Hebrew printers of previous generations and learn their stories; Soncino, Bomber, Romm, Heidenheim, Bak and others. Visit the Jewish communities where Hebrew printing took place, from its earliest days until the present: Venice, Salonika, Prague, Amsterdam, Warsaw and Vilna, to name a few. Weaving lively text with over 200 magnificent, full-color photographs of original Hebrew volumes, “People of the Book” is truly a journey through time- Jewish time- over five centuries of Hebrew printing. Follow its odyssey, from persecution and censorship to survival and triumph, set against the phenomenal history of the times in this beautiful coffee-table edition makes a wonderful edition to your library and a much appreciated gift.
List: $49.95 Online: $44.95 Special: $39.95
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Tur on the Torah - 4 Volume Gift Set - Translated
Amazing Commentary willl broaden your Bible horizons
Tur on the Torah. The amazing Torah commentary of Rabbi Yaakov ben Rabbeinu Asher (Rosh), the author of the Arba Turim and the Baal Haturim commentary, now made accessible to English Speakers.
List: $139.95 Online: $129.95 Special: $99.95
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50 Jewish Messiahs - Great Gift
The stories of these fifty Messiahs, both male and female - A Must Read
It is a little known fact that there have been more than fifty prominent Jewish Messiahs. These characters, though unrenowned today, inspired messianic fervour that at times seized the whole Jewish, Christian, Muslim and even secular worlds. The stories of these fifty Messiahs, both male and female, are unknown -- suppressed by Jewish religious authorities or ignored by historians of all religions. Until now. In this book, these Jewish Messiahs are remembered, and now their forgotten stories -- whether humorous, bizarre, tragic or solemn -- are finally told. The Messiah who killed the Pope; The Messiah who was saved from the Inquisition when the Pope hid him in the Vatican; The Messiah who demanded that his head be cut off in order to prove his immortality The Messiah who defied the Holy Roman Emperor; The 17th century Messiah whose followers continued their secret society into the 20th century. And to contemporary times. Above all, Fifty Jewish Messiahs examines humanity, not divinity, and history rather than theology. Taken together, these intriguing stories paint a vivid portrait of the universal and timeless human need for optimism, and hope in a better future.
List: $19.95 Online: $17.95 Special: $14.95
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The False Messiah - By Rabbi Wein
The False Messiah Shabtai Tzvi - History Series - By Rabbi Wein
Shabsai Tzvi - Troubled times for the Jews always raise messianic hopes, and in the troubled 17th century, the charismatic Shabsai Tzvi, with much help from his publicist Nathan of Gaza, proclaimed to the world that he was the messiah. His following spread from the Mediterranean to Eastern and Western Europe to the point that people sold their homes and moved to the Holy Land in anticipation of the redemption. But under pressure from the Ottoman Sultan, Shabsai Tzvi converted to Islam, proving himself a charlatan and false messiah. The cynicism and skepticism that resulted from this debacle allowed for an erosion of Jewish leadership that continues to exist until today.
List: $16.95 Online: $14.95 Special: $9.95
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My Parsha - Ashkenaz Litvish
Everything You Need To Prepare the Torah & Haftarah Reading
If you are preparing to study your Bar Mitzvah Parsha Reading, this is a great resource to have around. It contains everything you need to do a masterful job. The CD contains Brachos on the Torah and Haftarah. Plus the CD includes both the complete Torah Portion and the appropriate Haftarah Reading. Each section is read in a crystal clear voice at a speed which is conducive for learning. It comes across so natural, it is really easy to follow and learn. And being that this CD can play on any computer Mac or PC plus on all standard CD Players this CD becomes a very practical study and review tool since you can take it with you wherever you are in the car or at the computer. If this wonderful CD-ROM is what you need but you do not know the Parsha you need - no problem just add your Date of Birth at the check out instructions and we will calculate which Parsha is right for you.In addition to being an ideal study and review tool - this CD-ROM makes a wonderful Commemorative Gift of the Bar Mitzvah - This is a gift that will be appreciated and always remembered.
List: $69.95 Online: $59.95 Special: $49.95
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My Parsha - Sephard Israeli
Everything You Need To Prepare the Torah & Haftarah Reading
If you are preparing to study your Bar Mitzvah Parsha Reading, this is a great resource to have around. It contains everything you need to do a masterful job. The CD contains Brachot on the Torah and Haftarah. Plus the CD includes both the complete Torah Portion and the appropriate Haftarah Reading. Each section is read in a crystal clear voice at a speed which is conducive for learning. It comes across so natural, it is really easy to follow and learn. And being that this CD can play on any computer Mac or PC plus on all standard CD Players this CD becomes a very practical study and review tool since you can take it with you wherever you are in the car or at the computer. If this wonderful CD-ROM is what you need but you do not know the Parsha you need - no problem just add your Date of Birth at the check out instructions and we will calculate which Parsha is right for you.In addition to being an ideal study and review tool - this CD-ROM makes a wonderful Commemorative Gift of the Bar Mitzvah - This is a gift that will be appreciated and always remembered.
List: $69.95 Online: $59.95 Special: $49.95
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Master Mishna MP3 - Complete Shas
Every Mishna Clearly Explained in English
N E W ! Master Mishna MP3 DVD Complete - the perfect way to learn and review Mishna. Every word in all of Mishnayos read, every word translated into English, every word explained clearly and concisely. Each Mishna in its own MP3 file. Easy to find and easy to play on your computer or to copy to your MP3 player.
List: $489.95 Online: $449.95
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Mitzvah Man Jewish Trivia Game
Best Jewish Trivia Action Game - Over 200 Levels of Play!
The MitzvahMan Game has been an unusual success. A Classic in its time, an all time Jewish Arcade favorite. TES added a new twist and developed and educational component and MitzvahMan got even Better... This amazing, nearly ADDICTING program, will help you absorb over 1000 important Jewish Concepts and Laws, spanning 7 categories. Mitzvah Man puts your best Arcade Gaming Skills to the test and comes complete with a "Thumping Jewish Music Sound Track" that really gets you moving. Mitzvah Man will track your progress and Winners can print a personalized certificate when all questions in the Category of Choice are answered correctly! This exciting fast paced game is truly a FUN learning experience and suitable for ages as young as 6 and even Adults will enjoy! The Questions & Answers were developed by Yeshiva Ohr Samayach - Jerusalem.
List: $39.95 Online: $29.95 Special: $9.95
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Yiddish in 10 Lesson - 2 CD-ROM Set
Comprehensive Yiddish Course - Be Fluent in Yiddish
Yiddish In 10 Lessons - Yiddish Home Study Program: ( Comes Complete on 2 CD-ROMS and a Printable 345 Page Workbook as a PDF) Yiddish In 10 Lessons teaches you to read and speak Yiddish the way it was spoken in pre-war Europe. The complete Home Study Program includes 2 CD's that covers all lessons in short and convenient sections, making learning and reviewing Yiddish simple and easy. The Home Study Program leaves nothing out. In fact it is so thorough that we Guarantee it with a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if this does not teach you Yiddish.

Course Comes Complete on 2 CD-ROMS Plus a Printable 345 Page Workbook as a PDF.
List: $89.95 Online: $79.95 Special: $49.95
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10 Sets of Hebrew FOAM Letters
Great Fun - No Mess- Self Stick - No Glue Needed - Safe Foam Hebrew Letters
Great way for children to become familiar with the Hebrew Alphabet. Great for Crafting and use in Craft Projects. Can be used just about anywhere you put them. No Mess - self stick - no need for glue… Kids love them - a friendly way to learn the Aleph Bet. Comes complete with 10 full sets of letters - enough to spell words even sentences. Includes final letters & Vowels and Jewish Symbols such as Stars of David as well. Nice Size Letters 1"-2". Great gift - great educational tool.
List: $14.95 Online: $12.95 Special: $9.95
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Artscroll Alef to Tav - by Yaffa Ganz
Interactive Hebrew - English - French - Spanish Alef Bet Trainer
Alef to Tav is more than just another program. It is a landmark development in Hebrew Software. Developed in Israel by a highly motivated team of experts in education and multimedia it brings together the best of education and entertainment and forges a powerful teaching tool.
List: $49.95 Online: $39.95 Special: $34.95
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Jumbo Alef Bet Letter + Vowel Wall Chart
Extra Large Easy Reading Hebrew Letter Study Chart
Jumbo - Extra Large Alef Bet Chart. Bright Black easy reading Hebrew Letters complete with Vowels. Printed on heavy Poster Material. Long Lasting – Can easily be seen by all students even from the back of the room. Ideal for classroom and Home School instruction. Size 34 inches wide x 43.5 inches tall.
List: $49.95 Online: $39.95 Special: $26.95
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It's Time to Learn Alef Bet - Your Way!
Intensive - Powerful - Hebrew Alphabet and Vowels Trainer
Alef Bet trainer is an indispensable tool for learning the Hebrew Alphabet. It teaches from the beginning – nothing is taken for granted. You will learn Hebrew letters, Vowels, and combining letters and vowels with proper pronunciation. It is fully interactive with positive feedback. Alef Bet Trainer teaches in an easy to follow step by step process of letter identification including distinctions in different but similar and often confused letters. This confusion is many times caused by mild Dyslexia - this program is ideal for addressing and correcting those challenges. After the letters are drilled the program moves on to Vowel identification and Pronunciation. The last step is the combination of letters, vowels and pronunciation. The program winds up with you well on the way to easy Hebrew Reading. Alef Bet Trainer gives you an excellent grounding and foundation in Hebrew Reading which will last for a lifetime. Today teachers have identified poor reading skills as the main reason children encounter difficulty at learning, and the problem only becomes worse as the child grows. Alef Bet Trainer is the answer to better reading and better grades. Give your child the chance to be the best he can be!
List: $59.95 Online: $49.95 Special: $44.95
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36 Week Hebrew Ulpan Course
Read Speak & Write Hebrew with this 36 Week Ulpan Course
Most people who make Aliya (which means emigrating to Israel) end up learning Hebrew at an Ulpan (a school specifically designed to teach Hebrew). Israel is unique in many ways. One of those ways is, Israel has to absorb many immigrants from lands that speak everything from English to Amharic (which is the language of Ethiopia). And like any immigrant, learning the local language is one of the requisites for successful Aliya. In addition millions of people around the world want to learn Hebrew to better understand the Bible. Imagine this, once you learn Hebrew you will be able to study the Bible in its original Hebrew.


List: $689.95 Online: $649.95 Special: $489.95
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Jewish Montessori Boxed Set of Letters & Vowels
Full Hebrew Letters & Vowels - with Wood Case
World renowned as one of the most effective language programs for young children, the Montessori language materials are now available in Hebrew! The Hebrew language, Our tried and tested materials have had tremendous success in teaching children Hebrew letter recognition, reading, writing, and vocabulary. The tactile Sandpaper & Wood Letters and Moveable Aleph-Bet are all color coordinated with letters in blue, final letters in red, and vowels (nekudot) in yellow. These superior educational tools can make a significant improvement in Hebrew Reading and Comprehension, both Modern and Biblical & Prayer Book Hebrew.
List: $99.95 Online: $89.95 Special: $69.95
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24 Teacher Self Inking Grading Stamps
Perfect Teacher Test Grading Accessory - Self Inking - No Mess!
Self Inking – Clean easy to use. Add a colorful message to graded tests and papers! Use these Teacher Stampers to make a colorful statement of pride from - Please Correct & Return - and -Good Effort- to -Good job- and -A+- these super stampers are great for grading quizes and tests! Includes 6 designs. Safe and non-toxic. Plastic. Size 1 ½ inches - Conforms to ASTM D-4236. (2 dozen per unit)
List: $9.95 Online: $8.95 Special: $6.95
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FREE TRY IT - Touch Typing Now - Hebrew & English
Best Rated Hebrew English Typing Tutor - Guaranteed Success!
In today's world knowing "how to type" is critical. Typing is no longer just a needed secretarial skill; today typing is a vital skill for everyone. Be it in Hebrew or English or both together, typing is the way the world's written communication takes place. Your ability to type quickly and accurately is one of the most basic and necessary skills, and without them you are at a distinct disadvantage. Our Touch Typing Now software is a technological BREAKTHROUGH in the teaching of Touch Typing, and success is virtually guaranteed. Touch Typing Now! is the only touch typing software you will ever need. It uses the latest in multimedia technology and creative teaching lessons for English and/or Hebrew keyboard proficiency. Whether you want to simply send emails or write a whole book in Hebrew or English, having the skill of Touch Typing will speed up your productivity, increase your accuracy, and get the job done in a fraction of the time! Be smart, think ahead and order Touch Typing today. You'll be happy you did - and the days of pecking on the keyboard will be over forever!

Please Note: Requires Internet Access for License Activation.

Order CD - Standard S&H APPLY

List: $89.95 Online: $0.00
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Bible History Experience - Creation
History as told by the Bible and its Relevance in Our Times - Creation
How does the history of the Bible impact us today? Noted Jewish historian Rabbi Berel Wein uncovers the historical context of Biblical events in order to understand the origins of the Jewish people. Explore Creation's challenge in the 21st century and the uneven beginnings of the Jewish people in all our family struggles. Follow the conquest of the land of Israel and the establishment of both military and religious rule through its initial rise to greatness. This compelling series is an ideal gift fo anyone who loves the Bible. These CDs make a great gift to any commuter who wants to make the most of their time... !

To View Full Collection click here.

List: $16.95 Online: $14.95 Special: $12.95
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Find It in the Talmud - Encyclopedia
An Encyclopedia of Jewish Ethics and Conduct
The Talmud—an ancient and seminal text central to Rabbinic Judaism—is the focal point of this reference book. With more than 6,000 entries, this book serves as a path finder for those interested in the Talmud and a useful tool for scholars when searching for a particular Talmudic subject. The book also contains stories, anecdotes, and sayings recorded in the Talmud while placing an emphasis on topics of ethics, morality, charity, decency, and proper conduct. Approx Size Large format 7.5 x 10 525 Pages
List: $34.95 Online: $29.95 Special: $24.95
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A Clash of Civilizations
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared: Death to America!
The world is simmering – like a boiling pot ready to overflow… Just listen to what is being said. On the Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran Radio the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared: [America] should understand that the message from the peoples of the region … is manifested in a single slogan… Death to America! If they mean what they say – that is a problem, and even if they do not mean what they are saying, why are they focusing on America? What did America ever do to earn such irrational hate? Come join Rabbi Shafier as he explores the problem and threats and discovers the solution. The message is clear – we can not ignore it – it will not go away. Find out what you can do to protect yourself.
List: $29.95 Online: $24.95 Special: $12.95
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Navigating the Bible II
The Most Complete Bible Study and Bar Mitzvah Training Tool
Complete Hebrew text of the entire Torah (Five Books of Moses) & Haftarot with English translation, transliteration & commentary - Plus Interactive Bar/Bat Mitzvah trainer! This CD-ROM is based on the work of Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan and the Living Torah.
List: $89.95 Online: $79.95 Special: $69.95
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Read & Speak Hebrew
Easy, Fun, Self-Study 9 Lesson Hebrew Reading System!
This is a complete course that emphasizes essential Letter recognition Skills, Vowels and grammatical usage, Proper Pronunciation in Israeli Sephardic Accent, Ability to build words and understand how sounds are made and letters are combined into meaningful words and sentences. The program provides a wide variety of useful methods that will help you become proficient in Hebrew, including the ability to read Hebrew in traditional block letters and cursive script.

Please Note:If you already own Read & Speak Montissori Way do not order this it will duplicate what you already have.

List: $69.95 Online: $59.95 Special: $39.95
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NEW IMPROVED Jewish Time & Organizer
The Perfect Rabbi - Shul & School Calendar & Organizer
Never Need Another Calendar. Worlds most advanced Jewish Calendar for computer. Even contains explanations for the various of Jewish Holidays and dates of importance. The software also features Rosh Chodesh & Holiday Tracker, Electronic reminders for personal chores and tells you What to pray, what to say, on which day of the year. With Jewish Time you'll never miss a birthday or anniversary or yahrzeit. E-Z Scheduling - Organizing - Tracking. Programmed until the year 2200!

Item # 800312368

List: $49.95 Online: $39.95 Special: $34.95
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HaMenaked - Yiddish
The Ultimate Yiddish Word Processing Solution
We all know how difficult and time consuming it is to add Nikud (Vowels) to Text. Now we have an amazing SOLUTION... Imagine the ease of adding Nikud (Vowels) to Yiddish text. With this stand alone program you simply open your file from any of the popular Hebrew word processors and paste into HaMenaked. Simple as that - Untold hours of work have been saved and the accuracy is 100%. Now this is a MUST HAVE APPLICATION & NOW COMPATIBLE WITH MICROSOFT WORD!

Item # 800041569

List: $689.95 Online: $589.95 Special: $389.95
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Jewish Clipart - Teacher's Dream
Over 1,000 Fun and Original Jewish graphics!
Now you too can be an artist. Whether you are making a School Newsletter or a simple greeting card, Jewish Clipart will make your work it easier and more professional looking! Over 1,000 unique graphics in many formats, plus a viewer for easy selection and downloading make this a MUST HAVE CD. (Windows, Macintosh)
List: $69.95 Online: $49.95 Special: $44.95
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My Israel Tour Guide - Double CD Bundle Deal
Biblical & Archeological tour of Israel - through the eyes of the Prophets
Double CD Set... Just like the title of this special CD-ROM series suggests, this is a personal guided tour of Israel. It's like having your own personal guide, where you are not rushed and herded on and off buses all day. The sites you will visit are explained in detail and explained in a way everyone can appreciate and learn. The CD tour is focused on the Bible and the History of the land. You will see how it looks now and how it looked thousands of years ago. You will also visit areas that have not changed since King David & Solomon ruled the land.
List: $89.95 Online: $79.95 Special: $39.95
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Mazal Tov Planner
Ideal tool for organizing your next Affair
Here is a program that will save you time and money. Next Bar/Bat Mitzvah or wedding use Mazal Tov Planner....
List: $59.95 Online: $49.95 Special: $39.95
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My Siddur Quiz
Ideal tool for understanding Siddur ( Hebrew Prayer Book)!
You don't have to be majoring in Hebrew Language to need My Siddur Quiz. Anyone and everyone who opens a Siddur to pray can benefit from My Siddur Quiz. My Siddur Quiz teaches EVERY WORD used in Daily and Holiday Prayers. Just imagine how good it feels to UNDERSTAND what you are saying and praying. EVERY WORD in Hebrew is a lot, You can’t do better than that…. It covers thousands and thousands of words in your Siddur (prayer book). Now with My Siddur Quiz you can become proficient and appreciate the beautiful words you otherwise may just mumble without understanding. You will feel your comprehension increase every time you use the program, and in turn you will understand more and more of what you are praying! Enjoy and be inspired by the beautiful Hebrew Prayers. An additional bonus with My Siddur Quiz is you can print your study words with the Translations to study away from the computer. Plus There is a fully Printable Siddur Dictionary that is included and can be used independent of the program. Lastly My Siddur Quiz will track your progress and will print personalized reports and certificates of accomplishment.
List: $49.95 Online: $39.95 Special: $29.95
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USB Deluxe Laptop Fan
Must have item - convenient & easy to use - Actual Cools You!
This USB Bus Powered Fan will help cool you down on a hot day! It features a ultra-quiet motor and a flexible base so you can position the fan for maximum cooling! The fan blades are made of soft material that is safe to handle and yet produces a powerful breeze! Just plug this fan into the USB port of your notebook or desktop PC and enjoy the cool air anytime. There's no need for batteries or an external power! Stay cool and get this USB Powered Fan!
List: $14.95 Online: $12.95 Special: $6.95
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USB Hebrew Yiddish English Nikud Keyboard
Professional Hebrew English Keyboard with Nikud (Vowels)
Finally the Best Professional Multimedia Hebrew English Keyboard on the market can be yours for just about the price of a regular quality Keyboard. No more guessing & pecking letter by letter. No more messy stickers that come off or fade. This keyboard is an inexpensive and elegant solution for entering occasional Hebrew words and phrases or typing full documents. Full Size 18 inches x 7.5 inches.Works on any PC or Mac with USB Port.
List: $49.95 Online: $44.95 Special: $29.95
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Insight For Life - Motivational DVD
A Conversation with Rabbi Avraham Twerski Phd, M.D.
A conversation with one of the leading Rabbi's of our time. Rabbi Twerski answers our most personal questions from the wellsprings of 2000 years of Torah wisdom: Why do bad things happen to good people? What is the secret to a good marriage? How do I prepare for parenting? Why did G-d create the world? Does G-d hear our prayers? What is the purpose of life? Is Judaism male chauvinism?
List: $39.95 Online: $29.95 Special: $14.95
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The Covenant of Abraham
The Bris Milah, Ritual Circumcision according to Jewish Tradition
The "Covenant of Abraham" guides Jewish Parents from birth, to naming your child, and into the early years of development. This program educates Jewish families on 3000 years of tradition and laws.
List: $39.95 Online: $29.95 Special: $14.95
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