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Technology Gifts & Gadgets

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Best Mini Screwdriver Kit - 32 Piece
Quality Construction - Easy to Use - What Everyone Needs!
This fantastic 32-piece screwdriver set is ideal for hobbyists, modelers and more. Featuring a easy-to-use keyless chuck, you can instantly swap any of the 30 included bits. With the 4.5-inch extension, you can get to those hard to reach areas. Includes: Torx, slotted, Phillips and Posidriv bits are there's nothing you can't do with this set.
List: $39.95 Online: $29.95 Special: $19.95
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Plant Life Meter - Guarantees Healthy Plants
Ideal for Home Gardening - Insures Proper Water Soil & Light
Do you want Healthy,Vibrant Plants in your home? Plants promote good living, keep the air fresh and bring the Outdoors into your home. You can assure yourself the best looking healthy plants with our Plant Life Meter. Simple to use - if you can read a Clock you can do this. Our Meter will Guarantee that your plants have the right conditions to thrive. Healthy gardening starts with the right soil conditions, moisture and light. Get those right and your plants will smile! With our Meter you are in control. With the moisture indicator, you'll be able to determine if you are under or over watering at the root level. The pH indicator measures soil acidity while the light indicator measures whether your plants are getting lots of light, some no light at all! Comes complete - No batteries required to operate, nothing more to buy. Simply insert the Meter into the soil and if you need water light or some more plant food the Meter will let you know. All you need is one Meter for all your plants.


List: $19.95 Online: $14.95 Special: $12.95
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Quality Crystal Clear Stereo Earbuds
Crystal Clear Sound - Xtra Long Cable - Comfortable to Wear
Need new headphones? Tired of contantly having a loose wire. Just get these and enjoy crystal clear sound. Our Stereo Headphones are very portable and feature great sound quality. The well designed sleek caps ensure that the headphones fit comfortably and snuggly in your ear. These earbud style headphones work with any audio source with a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack and compatible with all computers and MP3s as well as all CD Players. Equipped with a xtra long 3.9-foot cord, so you'll have plenty of slack! Order your Earbud Stereo Headphones today!
List: $14.95 Online: $12.95 Special: $9.95
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USB Digital Cyber Pen - Audio & Video
The Perfect Gift for College Students & Professionals
How many times do you sit in a lecture and wish you could record or film it, but no luck, no recorder. Well now you can. With our Elegant Black CyberPen Pen you get both a great pen and a powerful recording tool. Never miss another word and always get it just right! Plus while you are recording you are also recording it on Video as well. Take Still Shots or Video! You will never look at a ball point pen the same way again. Use your New CyberPen to capture conversations with Video even a Concert anytime, anywhere. Perfect for taking notes in meetings, classes, or whenever the mood strikes. Pen stores up to 128 hours of lectures or 2 hours of Video. Archive them on your computer or simply delete when no longer needed. Has built in rechargeable battery with 2 hours of Video Recording time. Conveniently recharges from any USB port. The built in microphone is very sensitive and can pick up sounds from a 30 foot distance. Can be used for still pictures or Video. Still Picture quality can be as high as 3 Mega Pixel. Records Video files in .AVI format to retain quality of sound. Order Your CyberPen Today – Great Gift! Requires standard 2GB Micro SD Card - not included.
Compatible with Mac/Pc Windows XP/7/8.1/10.
List: $89.95 Online: $69.95 Special: $39.95
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1875 Watt Power Deluxe Converter Kit
Run USA 110 -120 Appliances in Europe & Israel Rated 1,875 Watt
Run your electrical appliances in Europe or Israel. Simple to use just plug in. Designed for appliances that use up to 1,875 Watts. Runs Shavers, Hair Dryers & Blowers, Clocks, Irons, Stereos ect.. Full One Year Manufacturer Warranty. Includes everything you need to keep your US equipment powered overseas. BONUS Storage Pouch!
List: $59.95 Online: $49.95
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USB Basketball - Swish & Pop
Great Computer Basketball Game - Loads of Fun!
Here is real fun when you need a BREAK - just pop a few hoops. Great action sharpens your reflexes and guaranteed to give you the Break you need. Get your USB Basketball game today - takes a minute to plug it into your USB and you are ready to DUNK IT. Great Release for pent up energy or frustration! Just by pressing the Basketball repeatedly you can release that energy while you control the shooting power! The USB Basketball game features a USB interface with a 4-foot cable length and includes 3 game modes with sound effects to challenge your skill and ability this is even a challenge for a Pro.
List: $19.95 Online: $14.95 Special: $4.95
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Deluxe USB Executive Travel Solutions - Gift Case
Executive Travel Kit with Most Needed USB Solutions!
Get yourself this Deluxe USB Solution kit! It contains the USB items that are needed for many types of devices such as cameras, printers, etc! Includes a gorgeous gliding Optical USB Mouse & Head Set! This is a must have - get one for Home & Office.
List: $49.95 Online: $39.95 Special: $19.95
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USB Deluxe Laptop Fan
Must have item - convenient & easy to use - Actual Cools You!
This USB Bus Powered Fan will help cool you down on a hot day! It features a ultra-quiet motor and a flexible base so you can position the fan for maximum cooling! The fan blades are made of soft material that is safe to handle and yet produces a powerful breeze! Just plug this fan into the USB port of your notebook or desktop PC and enjoy the cool air anytime. There's no need for batteries or an external power! Stay cool and get this USB Powered Fan!
List: $14.95 Online: $12.95 Special: $6.95
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USB Deluxe Laptop Cooling Pad
Protect your computer - Keep it Cool - Protect against Shutdowns!
Bring some relief to your notebook with this Notebook Cooler Pad! It features three built-in robust 60 mm (2.36-inch) fans for constant air flow, three green LEDs and an on/off switch! Just place your notebook on the cooler, plug the cooler to any USB port and turn the power on! It's that easy - and your computer will never overheat!
List: $39.95 Online: $24.95 Special: $9.95
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"Bullet Proof" Scratch Protectors for CDs
5 Pack - CD & DVD Protectors - Winner of Time Magazine "Great Invention Award"
Voted as one of the Coolest Time Magazine Inventions, this is a revolutionary new product that protects your discs Even While They Play! Snap it on your games, movies, music or data discs for instant scratch protection. Laser transparent these quality protectors work on CD’s, CD–R’s, DVD’s, Playstation®2, Xbox® 360, Nintendo® Wii and computer games. The strong transparent film will not affect music or video quality. They are so versatile - you can even burn through them when doing your backups or saving those family pictures and videos. PLUS THEY NEVER have to be removed, because they are constructed of a patented film that is invisible to laser devices and does not affect the music, data, image or video quality. This 5 Pack Comes with Protective Tin that is suitable for storing your CDs & DVDs.
List: $34.95 Online: $29.95 Special: $24.95
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