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Holocaust Study Resources

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Faith & Fate Ominous Skies 1930-1939
Understanding the Past - Protects the future - Never forget
Faith & Fate focuses on how the events of the 20th century impacted on the Jewish people - and how the Jewish people impacted on the century. The series explores how the survival of the Jewish people defied the ravages and challenges of over 40 centuries. As threats escalated and overt Anti-Semitism increased, there may have been those that saw the danger coming, there were those that couldn’t believe the facts that were before their eyes. With footage never before seen and through interviews with eye witnesses and historians, this film tells the story of the lead up to the worst decade in the twentieth century – and possibly in human existence. It is a must see – perhaps if we understand the events in hindsight, we can learn for the future.
List: $49.95 Online: $39.95
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Shtetl - World Word ll Documentary DVD
How it Was & How it is Today - Exceptional DVD - 3 Hours
The true story of Bransk, a small Polish shtetl that died overnight when all its Jewish residents were transported to Treblinka's gas chambers. A haunting story with tragic consequences emerges through interviews, photographs and personal stories. This is a must view DVD. 3 Hours Run Time.
List: $39.95 Online: $34.95 Special: $29.95
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Holocaust Series Inside the Third Reich 4 DVD Set
Essential Holocaust Study Resource - Rare Footage - Behind the scenes in the Third Reich
These four DVDs are essential resources for a better understanding of the Holocaust. Each of these DVDs focuses on a different aspect of that period. From the Goebbels experiment, to the Nazis use of Television, to the ultimate crushing defeat of Nazi Germany. And not to be overlooked the re-birth of Nazi ideology and the attempts to rewrite history in modern times.
List: $99.95 Online: $89.95 Special: $79.95
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The Coming of Hitler & The Holocaust - Six CD Set
Rabbi Wein's Explores the Coming of Hitler and the Holocaust - 6 CD set
How does the history of the Jewish People impact us today? Noted Jewish historian Rabbi Berel Wein traces the fascinating story of 20th century forces that drive modern Jewish life. Follow Rabbi Wein's anecdotes and insights into this most turbulent piece of our history.
List: $99.95 Online: $89.95 Special: $49.95
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Holocaust Responsa Project
A Comprehensive Database of Scholarly Responsa pertaining to the Holocaust
A comprehensive collection of articles and responsa related to the time period and issues surrounding the tragic events of the Holocaust. A living testimony to the unswerving dedication of the Jewish People during the most trying times, and under the most harsh and unusual circumstances.
List: $159.95 Online: $139.95
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Occult History of the Third Reich - Double DVD Set
Find out how a "Cultured Nation" perpetrated The Holocaust
The murderous deeds of Hitler's Third Reich are still widely recalled today, but what is less well-known is the strange concoction of beliefs that underpinned the Nazi regime. In the early 20th Century, the young Adolf Hitler was just one of many German-speaking people attracted by a new Germanic mythology that combined ancient legends and esoteric cosmologies with cutting-edge theories of genetic science. In the hands of the Nazis, the result was a new ideology that saw racial purity as the key to human destiny. This was a belief-system of arcane rituals and potent symbols, with the ancient swastika appropriated for the Nazi cause. By the time of the Third Reich, Hitler and the Nazis had evolved an entirely new faith, complete with holy book, venerated relics and a priestly elite in the form of Himmler's SS. It was a religion based on obedience, power, and the cult of the leader, with Hitler himself conceived in Messianic terms. This powerful and disturbing series uses rare original footage to tell a story that is as bizarre as it is horrific, and which casts new light on a national movement that came to see evil as a sacred task. This is a must see DVD!
List: $49.95 Online: $39.95 Special: $29.95
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World War ll Documentary - The Gestapo
In Depth Historical Review of The Gestapo - Original Captured Nazi Photos
This fascinating and frightening film takes a look at the Gestapo; the secret police employed by Hitler during his leadership over Nazi Germany. Replacing virtually all other avenues of law including the judicial system, these men were responsible for much of what would later be recorded as on of the most tragic horrors in history. View Original Gestapo footage - very difficult to watch - certainly not for children.
List: $34.95 Online: $29.95 Special: $19.95
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Jerusalem In The Woods on DVD
World War II Holocaust Documentary - A story of resistance never told
The four Bielski brothers, Tuvia, Alexander Zisel "Zus", Asael, and Aron managed to flee to the nearby forest after their parents and other family members were killed in the ghetto in December 1941. Together with 13 neighbors from the ghetto, they formed the nucleus of their partisan combat group which was formed in the spring of 1942. Originally the group consisted of around forty people but grew quickly. The group's commander was the eldest brother Tuvia, who had served in the Polish Army from 1927 to 1929, rising to the rank of corporal. He was a graduate of a Zionist youth movement. Tuvia "would rather save one old Jewish woman than kill ten German soldiers". He sent emissaries to infiltrate the ghettos in the area, recruiting new members to join the group in the Naliboki Forest. Hundreds of men, women, and children eventually found their way to the Bielski camp; at its peak 1,230 people belonged to the group, and 70% of its membership consisted of women, children, and the elderly. No one was turned away. About 150 engaged in armed operations. This is their True Story - never really told now on DVD.
List: $39.95 Online: $34.95 Special: $29.95
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The Inheritance on DVD
World War II Holocaust Documentary - A story never told
INHERITANCE is the story of Monika Hertwig, a soft-spoken woman struggling with a profound legacy left by a father she never really knew. Monika's father was Amon Goeth. Often described as a "monster," and "inhuman," Goeth was a prominent Nazi leader and commandant of the Plaszow concentration camp. He murdered thousands of Jews during the war. This DVD includes actual footage of his execution.
List: $49.95 Online: $39.95 Special: $29.95
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The Shanghai Ghetto - Documentary DVD
"A don't miss documentary... powerful... eye opening..."
One of the most amazing and captivating survival tales of WWII, the overwhelmingly acclaimed SHANGHAI GHETTO has been declared "a don't miss documentary... powerful... eye-opening" (New York Observer). Stirringly narrated by Academy Award® winner Martin Landau (Ed Wood, The Majestic), SHANGHAI GHETTO recalls the strange-but-true story of thousands of European Jews who were shut out of country after country while trying to escape Nazi persecution in the late 1930s. Left without options or entrance visas, a beacon of hope materialized for hem on the other side of the world, and in the unlikeliest of places, Japanese-controlled Shanghai. Fleeing for their lives, these Jewish refugees journeyed to form a settlement in the exotic city, penniless and unprepared for their new life in the Far East.
List: $49.95 Online: $39.95 Special: $29.95
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The Partisans of Vilna - Documentary DVD
"Enlightening - truthful, challenging, heartbreaking... " Eli Wiesel
An enormously riveting and inspirational tale of WWII and the Holocaust, PARTISANS OF VILNA chronicles the amazing endeavors of the Jewish resistance fighters. Highly acclaimed during its theatrical run, the film has been described as "a stirring, extremely honest and heart rending celebration" (New York Magazine). Co-written by director Josh Waletzky (Image Before My Eyes) and producer Aviva Kempner (The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg), PARTISANS OF VILNA skillfully blends songs, newsreels and archival footage with interviews of over forty Holocaust survivors to paint an eye-opening portrait of the courageous Jewish resistance in Vilna, the capital of Lithuania. Recounting how a commando unit was formed under tremendous risk to conduct sabotage missions against the Nazis, the film explores the moral dilemmas facing the Jewish youth who organized an underground resistance in the Vilna ghetto, and fought as partisans in the woods against the Third Reich. More than just a record of great historical importance, PARTISANS OF VILNA is an intensely stirring and uplifting commemoration of heroes during the darkest of times.
List: $39.95 Online: $34.95
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Untold Stories of Jewish Partisans on DVD
The almost lost history of Jewish Partisans and their fight against the Nazis
Follow the struggle of the thousands of Eastern European Jews who refused to become victims of the Holocaust in this documentary that proves there was more to the resistance movement than just the Warsaw Uprising. History books often give the impression that the Jews showed little resistance to the Nazi genocide, but modern historians estimate that at least 30,000 Jews sought refuge in the forests of Eastern Europe during World War II. The DVD features historical photographs and original artwork by partisan fighter Alexander Bogen, this film examines the inspirational, lost chapter of the Holocaust that unfolded in the towns and forests of Lithuania, Poland, and Belarussia from 1941 through 1945. Interviews with eleven men and women highlight how the Jewish partisans overcame incredible obstacles while clinging to their humanity and Jewish Ideals during one of history's darkest hours. !

To View Full Collection click here.

List: $39.95 Online: $34.95
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WW II Combat Chronicles - 6 DVD Gift Set
Award-winning - Most Complete twelve hours of Historic Live frontline footage
One of the most powerful depictions of World War II ever caught on film, this special Set features the candid first-hand account of a US Marine’s horrific experiences during World War II. Anyone studying the WW II period must see this.
List: $79.95 Online: $69.95 Special: $59.95
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World War ll Documentary - Hitler's War
In Depth Historical Review of Hitler's fateful decision...
Hitler's fateful decision to invade the Soviet Union proved to be the decisive turning point that led to his defeat in Europe. Though 1941's successful Operation Barbarossa netted huge swaths of Soviet territory, the Nazis' attempt on Moscow was derailed by the harsh Russian winter, while the subsequent Battle of Stalingrad completely destroyed Nazi forces. Both of these disastrous campaigns ultimately led to the weakening of both the German military and Hitler's own psyche, resulting in the Allies' march into Berlin and the Führer's suicide shortly thereafter.This documentary traces the history of Hitler's "Russian Adventure" through voice-over narration, interviews, rare archival footage, 3D graphics, and dramatic re-creations.
List: $34.95 Online: $29.95 Special: $19.95
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World War ll Documentary - Killing of Hitler
In Depth Historical Review of the plan to Kill Hitler...
By way of extensive research, archival footage, and interviews with World War II historians, this documentary brings to life the plot that could have changed world politics forever. While Hitler's reign of terror almost brought the world to its knees and caused unimaginable atrocities, a few brave men on the inside of the Nazi government plotted to take him down. Their story is one of conspiracy, hope, and, ultimately, failure.
List: $34.95 Online: $29.95 Special: $19.95
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World War ll Doc - Hitler's Secret Weapons
In Depth Historical Review of the Hitler Quest for a Secret Weapon
During World War II, America had the bomb, but Germany had the V-2 rocket. This Documentary takes you behind enemy lines to trace the construction of Hitler's secret weapon. Using real footage, including some test-shot film, this DVD traces the years between 1933 and 1945, during which time Hitler developed the advanced rocket and used it in assaults on London and Antwerp. The DVD also investigates whether the weapon could have altered the course of history. The DVD aslo features interviews with rocket pioneers Werner Von Braun and General Walter Dornberger.
List: $34.95 Online: $29.95 Special: $19.95
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Israel Images: Holocaust
300 Professional Images Covering the Holocaust
These professional Hi-resolution images of European Concentration Camps... are suitable for: POSTERS - POST CARDS - FRAMED PRINTS - PUBLICATIONS - NEWSLETTERS - BOOKS - WEB GRAPHICS - SCHOOL PROJECTS - PROFESSIONAL USE...
List: $59.95 Online: $49.95 Special: $44.95
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Jewish Heritage Journey with Rabbi Leff
Travel through Jewish History in Lithuania, Poland & Belarus.
Join Rabbi Zev Leff, Shlit'a and other noted Rabbis on a multi-media Jewish Heritage journey to Lithuania, Poland & Belarus. The CD Rom includes: Photos • Shiurim • Anecdotes • Biographies Historical Notes • Music
List: $39.95 Online: $29.95
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