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Multilingual Wordprocessing

TES has the most complete selection of Hebrew / English Wordprocessing
& Desktop Publishing Software Solutions
If you need any help on which program is "Right for You"
feel free to call our Help Line 1-800-925-6853 or email by clicking here
TES has experienced Hebrew Teachers on staff to help you.
Remember... All TES Software has a Money Back Guarantee

Hebrew Fonts for Microsoft Word
150 Professionally Designed - Original Hebrew Fonts
In this package you will find a wide variety of professionally designed and original Hebrew fonts. Classic, Designer, Script, and Cartoon Hebrew fonts for both the Hebrew and the English operating systems on Windows. These Word Fonts will ensure that what you write... gets read!

Item # 800031229

List: $189.95 Online: $139.95 Special: $89.95
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Auto Nikud Plus
NEW IMPROVED - Ultimate Hebrew Word Processing Utility
Imagine the ease of adding Nikud (VOWELS) to Hebrew text. With this stand alone program you simply open your file from any of the popular Hebrew word processors and paste into Auto Nikud. NOW COMPATIBLE WITH MICROSOFT WORD!
List: $139.95 Online: $119.95 Special: $89.95
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HaMenaked - Yiddish
The Ultimate Yiddish Word Processing Solution
We all know how difficult and time consuming it is to add Nikud (Vowels) to Text. Now we have an amazing SOLUTION... Imagine the ease of adding Nikud (Vowels) to Yiddish text. With this stand alone program you simply open your file from any of the popular Hebrew word processors and paste into HaMenaked. Simple as that - Untold hours of work have been saved and the accuracy is 100%. Now this is a MUST HAVE APPLICATION & NOW COMPATIBLE WITH MICROSOFT WORD!

Item # 800041569

List: $689.95 Online: $589.95 Special: $389.95
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Nisus Writer Pro
The all new writing and editing tool for Mac OS X
Features such as read/write documents in Unicode, RTF, RTFD, plain text format and Microsoft® Word (.doc); a customizable interface; AppleScript and Perl macros; noncontiguous selection; keyboard shortcuts; an exclusive Document Manager; powerful, three-level Find and Replace including Regular Expressions (GREP); multiple editable Clipboards; and slick document window zoom, make Nisus Writer Pro the compelling choice for your word processing needs.
List: $119.95 Online: $89.95
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Touch Typing Now - Hebrew & English
Best Rated Hebrew English Typing Tutor - Guaranteed Success!
In today's world knowing "how to type" is critical. Typing is no longer just a needed secretarial skill; today typing is a vital skill for everyone. Be it in Hebrew or English or both together, typing is the way the world's written communication takes place. Your ability to type quickly and accurately is one of the most basic and necessary skills, and without them you are at a distinct disadvantage. Our Touch Typing Now software is a technological BREAKTHROUGH in the teaching of Touch Typing, and success is virtually guaranteed. Touch Typing Now! is the only touch typing software you will ever need. It uses the latest in multimedia technology and creative teaching lessons for English and/or Hebrew keyboard proficiency. Whether you want to simply send emails or write a whole book in Hebrew or English, having the skill of Touch Typing will speed up your productivity, increase your accuracy, and get the job done in a fraction of the time! Be smart, think ahead and order Touch Typing today. You'll be happy you did - and the days of pecking on the keyboard will be over forever!

Please Note: Requires Internet Access for License Activation.

List: $89.95 Online: $79.95 Special: $69.95
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Keyboard Stickers - Yellow Hebrew Letters
Hebrew Keyboard Stickers fit Desktop and Laptop Keyboards.
Don't get frustrated over typing mistakes: apply your friendly non-glare stickers to keyboard in seconds. Quality first.
List: $6.95 Online: $5.95 Special: $4.95
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